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  1. Default Didn't get my dojo gloves..

    After finishing dojo, i got placed in top 10 as usual. But i didn't receive my dojo gloves, anyone know why?

  2. Default Re: Didn't get my dojo gloves..

    Do you already have a pair?
    When was the closest count/when did you expect to receive them?
    If the count that gives you gloves is the one at 11:50pm, you have to get gloves before 5:50.

  3. Default Re: Didn't get my dojo gloves..

    No my pair expired on the 30th(yesterday). I dont know what time it usually gives me the box. I did the dojo last night at around 8:30 PM pst.

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    When did you log on to get the gloves? Going at that time means the only time frame you have to get gloves is 11:50pm - 5:50 am PST

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    Well i just did another dojo before 2x and i got my gloves now.

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    The gloves are rewarded every 6 hours starting at 8:50 am est, so to ensure you get them just make sure you're online at the next reward time after you ranked.

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    Default Re: Didn't get my dojo gloves..

    The rewarding system is some major buggy pomegranate. A member in my guild didn't get gloves for 3 days straight and on one day he didn't do dojo it randomly gave him Rank 1 gloves.

  8. Default Re: Didn't get my dojo gloves..

    If you dojo between 6pm PST/9pm EST you might get a reward at midnight PST/3am EST (when the rankings clear) but you'll have to grab them before the next count (6am PST/9am EST). Otherwise it doesn't matter when you grab the gloves as long as you get them before rankings reset. My friends have had problems getting gloves after their old ones expired, and once I didn't get new gloves until exactly when my old gloves expired (that count). I once got Mu Gong's Gloves one day when I already had a pair of Mu Gong's Gloves, then Hero's Gloves the next day in the afternoon, then Mu Gong's Gloves that night, when my merc friend beat me. Three pairs of Mu Gong's gloves.

    This week I got Hero's Gloves two days before my current ones expired (the 2nd). I haven't gotten Mu Gong's gloves again after I got my current ones, which expire on the 3rd.

    Needless to say I haven't figured out what in the flying pineapple is going on with dojo glove rewarding.

  9. Default Re: Didn't get my dojo gloves..

    I was under the impression you can get any given set of gloves every 5 days (each set has its own timer), which seemed to have happened to you, Aflac. I haven't bothered dojo-ing in a loong time now though, so I don't know how true that theory is.



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