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Thread: [MSEA]Justice!

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    Default [MSEA]Justice!

    The first patch is today, Zen class will be released along with thief and pirate revamp.


    Dear Maplers,
    The following events will be activated on 31th October 2012, 0900hrs to celebrate the launch of the Justice Patch

    1. [System Event] Justice Festival (Event Date: 31/10/12, 0900hrs – 16/01/13, 2359hrs (GMT +8))
    2. [System Event] Level-Up Bonanza (Event Date: 31/10/12, 0900hrs – 16/01/13, 2359hrs (GMT +8))
    3. [System Event] Thief Mastery Book Exchange (Event Date: 31/10/12, 0900hrs – 16/01/13, 2359hrs (GMT +8))
    4. [System Event] Bounty Hunter Event (Event Date: 31/10/12, 0900hrs – 14/11/12, 2359hrs (GMT +8))
    5. [System Event] Ancient Artifact Hunt (Event Date: 31/10/12, 0900hrs – 14/11/12, 2359hrs (GMT +8))
    6. [System Event] Justice Counterattack (Event Date: 05/11/12, 0000hrs – 09/11/12, 2359hrs (GMT +8))

    To celebrate the Justice Patch, there will be a festival for one and all!
    i) Justice Festival Every Day! (Repeatable once per day)
    Maplers above level 10 will be able to receive 1 Justice Coin everyday by clicking on the Justice notifier on the left side of the screen.

    ii) Try Out the Level-Up Guide! (Not repeatable)
    Maplers above level 10 will receive this quest. By trying out the Level-Up Guide, Maplers will be able to receive 2 Justice Coins.

    iii) Justice Level-Up Challenge (Repeatable)
    Maplers above level 10 will be able to accept this challenge. Upon accepting the challenge, Maplers who level up 5 times will receive a 1 Justice Coin!

    iv) Challenge Accepted! Survive 15 pyramid waves! (Repeatable once per day)
    This challenge pits you against the monsters of the Nett Pyramid! Successfully survive 15 waves to receive 1 Justice Coin. This event only applies to Maplers from level 60 – 109.

    v) Challenge Accepted! Clear Monster Park 3 times! (Repeatable once per day)
    Monster Park too easy? Try out our revamped monster park and at the earn Justice Coin at the same time! Complete 3 Monster Park each day to receive a Justice Coin!.

    vi) Challenge Accepted! Complete 3 party quests! (Repeatable once per day)
    Try out the revamped party quests and earn Justice Coin at the same time! Complete any 3 of these party quests) to be eligible:
    •Moon Bunny’s Rice Cake
    •First Time Together
    •Dimensional Schism
    •The Ice Knight’s Curse
    •Remnants of the Goddess
    •Romeo and Juliet
    •Forest of Poison Haze
    •Lord Pirate
    •Dragon Rider
    •Kenta in Danger
    •Resurrection of the Hoblin King

    What can you do with the Justice Coin you might ask? You can head down to NPC Conor in most towns to buy items from him with the Justice Coins you collected!

    In addition to the Justice Festival we will also be having a Level-Up Bonanza!
    i) [Justice] Alliance Ring
    Create a new Pirate / Thief Explorer (Ultimate Explorer Included)or Knights of Cygnus , accept the quest in the event notifier. When this particular character reaches level 70 (80 for Ultimate Explorers) during the event period, you will receive a Ring of the Forces!

    ii) [Justice] Allied Encouragement
    Looking for scrolls to scroll your items to imba levels? Look no further! Whenever a Pirate / Thief Explorer (Ultimate Explorer Included) or Knights of Cygnus goes through 2nd, 3rd or 4th Job Advancement during the event period can obtain a weapon scroll. (Only 2nd and 3rd for Knights of Cygnus, and only 3rd and 4th for Ultimate Explorers.)

    iii) [Justice] Level-Up Challenge
    After level 120 too hard to level? Here’s another reason for you to level after 120! Pirate / Thief Explorer (Ultimate Explorer Included) or Knights of Cygnus who reaches level 120 will be able to take up this challenge. All you have to do is to gain 3 levels and you will be able to obtain a weapon scroll!

    iv) [Justice] Equipment Support
    During the event period, Pirate / Thief Explorer (Ultimate Explorer Included) or Knights of Cygnus will be provided with free equipments! You can obtain the equipment boxes through the event notifier every five levels from Level 10-40 and every ten levels from level 40-70.

    v) [Justice] Alliance Support
    That’s not all! When a Pirate / Thief Explorer (Ultimate Explorer Included) reaches level 70, you will be rewarded with a Special Mastery Book of your choice! This includes the new skills!

    Have old skillbooks that are no longer in use after the revamp? Do not fear! From 31 October 2012 to 16 January 2013, talk to the Maple Administrator to exchange your obsolete skillbooks for a new one of your choice!

    i) Bounty Hunter
    The leaders of the various towns have put up Wanted Posters in most towns.

    Accept the quest given by the Poster and start hunting the wanted monsters!

    These monsters will drop Bounty Marks.

    The Bounty Marks can be given to Cassandra who will give rewards of experience, power elixir and one of the following four items:
    •Scroll for Gloves for Magic Attack 60%
    •Ssiws Cheese
    •Chocolate Cream Cupcake
    •Melting Cheese
    ii) Tracking the Outlaw
    The leaders of the various towns have another problem! There are Outlaws hiding all over the Maple World and they require your help to take them out! The Outlaws will drop Wanted Criminal Clues.

    Collect 50 of the Wanted Criminal Clues and turn them in to Cassandra to receive experience and special equipment.

    Gaga is starting an Ancient Artifact Hunt again! Just like before, Gaga wants you to look for Mysterious Artifacts from mobs with a 10 level difference from you. Each Mysterious Artifact will give you a certain amount of excavation points. Upon collecting 1000 excavation points., you will register your attendance for that day. After you register your attendance for 8 days, you can obtain one of the following item:

    There’s more! When collecting the Mysterious Artifacts, you will occasionally pick up a special artifact and receive a quest notification and by turning each artifact to the appropriate NPC to receive EXP and to progress toward earning a medal.

    Playing the ZEN class and dont have enough Justice Coins or a good helm? Have no fear! We are giving away helms and Justice Coins! Log in during the event period and click the box icon on the left side of your screen

    Upon clicking the icon, you will receive a Justice Gift Box which can only be opened on the 10th of November 2012.

    Opening the box will give you the following items and 20 Justice Coins!

    Side note: It is said that they will credit these event rewards into our account during this patch.
    Heart of Aria
    Empress Aria Buddy

    Its from a very easy pre-Justice event.

    MapleSEA's Justice Interactive Fact Sheet.
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  2. Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    Might as well have just got Jett If you're getting all the Jett gear. Pretty stupid. Did Dragon Warrior have no special items?

  3. Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    LMAO MSEA is basically: oh you had Justice patch already? Well why don't we just take EVERYTHING that everyone else did and put it all in one event?! GENIUS!

  4. Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    It had special guns like Jett's, not sure about other gear.

  5. Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    no 10% slates for MSEA players :[

  6. Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    Oh that's so smart =o An Aria Android. I'd like to see more special androids like that in MS.
    (I'd also like to see Androids have more purpose...that'd be nice)

    Also lol@Special spelled wrong on the hat ._.

  7. Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    Wait...I thought Zen was supposed to be Dragon Warrior. A Dragon Warrior wearing Jett's equips? Talk about clash in fashion/culture.

  8. Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    Yeah, there wasn't any cap for Dragon Warrior. So Dragon Warriors Are now Jetts.

  9. Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    Nonsense! It's Speical's Hat, surely you know who Speical is?!

  10. Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    so Zen = Jett + dragon warrior - "extra"?

  11. Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    Jett items make no sense being involved with ZEN as it has the original chinese feel of Dragon Warrior, not the futuristic space feel of Jett

  12. Lead Ball
    IGN: Killmeplsok
    Server: Cassiopeia
    Level: 181
    Job: Captain
    Guild: LoveOfCari
    Alliance: LoveOfCari

    Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    They make sense, we're getting chinese futuristic space dragon warrior.

  13. Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    That Aria Android looks pretty cool to me. About the hat, it sounds like a lack of creativity on MSea's part.

  14. Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    They're actually pretty creative if you look at the designs and backgrounds used for the Justice factsheet plus the design for the Enchanted Forest. I think it's just that they don't know where to apply it or there may be limitations due to the management.

  15. Lead Ball
    IGN: Killmeplsok
    Server: Cassiopeia
    Level: 181
    Job: Captain
    Guild: LoveOfCari
    Alliance: LoveOfCari

    Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    Well yeah, the factsheet definitely looks nice.

    One of few thing I like for this patch so far.

  16. ᗧ · · · ᗣ · · · ᗣ ᗣ Straight Male
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    Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    Personally there's something in the face that looks off. She looks very depressed and eyes/mouth are placed too low.

  17. Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    I agree about the eyes/mouth. As for being depressed...did you know the heart powering the android ends on 11/14 which is the same time when Phantom is released at our server? Troll Asiasoft is troll!

    Edit: Something fun happened with our Royal Hair coupons. I went in to the CS to check the hairstyles after someone mentioned Aria hair and lo and behold, Cygnus and Danika hair!


  18. Lead Ball
    IGN: Killmeplsok
    Server: Cassiopeia
    Level: 181
    Job: Captain
    Guild: LoveOfCari
    Alliance: LoveOfCari

    Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    By the way, what's Jett's card bonus again?

    It's not increase minimum critical damage like what we got for ZEN right?

  19. Default Re: [MSEA]Justice!

    iirc it was summon duration just like corsair.



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