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  1. Default What does this emote mean anyway?

    Never did understand it. I mean, and make a lot more sense than .

  2. Default

    Fiel needs to watch more anime!

    Usually if you see girls with that face, you want to run away xD Boys... I have no idea.

  3. Won't Be Coming Back

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    Server: Windia
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    Job: Fun-Slinger =D
    Guild: Dorkiies


    It means "Ooh!" or "Interesting!"

  4. Default

    It seems like a kitty face to me :3

    and it you put the lucious pink lips from cs on, it gives you the creepiest look ever LOL

  5. Default

    The eyes are like stars, and it shows that you're amazed/fascinated about/by something.

  6. Default

    I think it's got the same meaning as $__$ except it can relate to more than just money.

  7. Default

    That emoticon usually means the peraon who 'used' that emoticon wants something, as above poster stated, or if the person is sly and has something devious planned..

  8. Default

    I always thought would be like

    Maybe alittle

    Thats how I take it

  9. Default

    Looks like its sort of happy/starstruck at the same time.

    The sort of face you'd make when seeing something that greatly appeals to you and/or surprises you, like a combo of the other two and

    Thats how I view it anyway

  10. Harrisonized

  11. Default

    When seeing this emoticon: , one, especially one of male gender, should know that it's time to run.

  12. Helium Atom
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    Server: I get
    Level: to
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    Guild: My food
    Alliance: You're dead


    It's a very mischevious emote to me. I use it when I own my boyfriend.

    To "certain people", it can be a perverted face.

  13. Default

    + :3 =

    I've always found to be redundant since I see them all being synonymous.

  14. Default

    offtopic: Who"s dat girl in your avatar.

  15. Default


    = YOU'RE HOT

    = All of the above + WANT. NOW.

  16. Default

    = Naaaice (especially when you see money or something pleasant)
    As Ryuzaki said, it's mostly used as a perverted face.

    Use this comic as an example...
    Read the Header comic, that's what I believe that the shine emote is used for...



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