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  1. Default Dominate Dominion: Duelpower edition.

    Well with the nice help of fellow Southperricans I have been able to come to a decision. I have joined my buddy Metalfenrir on his team "Amputease"!

    I'm going to use this post to keep track of my tournament experiences, sort of a competitive diary of sorts. So feel free to post questions or advice here as things progress. <-- My team.

    Dominate Dominion 29:

    Game 1:
    I ended up going against a newly formed team of high rated players, but that wasn't the issue for this game. The issue was that their captain has been hanging out in my stream ALL week watching me play and I'm guessing taking notes. He confirmed it after the game in private chat, but they literally banned and picked against me. They banned my pantheon and took all gap closing bruisers (malphite/amumu/riven with flash) specifically to take me out of the game.

    That pineappleing sucked and I learned a good lesson about when and what to pick. My team had me on 2nd pick and they chose vayne for me, which apparently was a stupid decision in retrospect.

    Next week they will move me to third pick and possibly allow some of my AP's into the match in case of heavy bans/picks against me.


    Dominate Dominion 30:

    Ended the night 2 for 3 gaining us 4th place! We are working on our champ rosters and I think that the team did great for our second tourney together.
    Notable moments: Game 1 was streamed on the DD channel, I carried on ryze with 27 kills. Game 4 was me on tristana and I got to carry that game too, it was not streamed.

    What did I learn from this week: We have a couple of strategies that we play out well on and I like that. We have a notable weakness in our windmill fight @ level 3, we need to win that fight more often.

    Dominate Dominion #31:
    4th Place

    Dominate Dominion #32: Knocked out in the first round against FTV. We tried to put teemo into a teamcomp made for zyra/orianna. It didn't work out.

    Dominate Dominion #33: Faced FTV again, this time we brought them down to 109 points left by the end of the game. I feel like we will be real contenders for next week.
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    I'm not sure how to do that ray, also these will be newly registered members to the site so I'd like to keep it easy to find.

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    PM with instructions. Add a link. Bonus!

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    He's not recruiting from Southperry, which is why I suggested a group.

    Go here, make group, invite members, groups show up under the main forums on the index

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    Lame. :c

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    Not sure if anyone even cares lol, but I have been offered a perm spot on one of the better performing teams. Now I don't know what I should do?!!

    Join the perm slot on a well established team? Or break ground on a new team...

    edit: This is the team that offered me a position as AD carry.

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    Default Re: Dominate Dominion: Team Southperry

    Go with what your heart tells you to =P.

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    Take the offer on the well established team. Creating a brand new one is a lot of work and could take months to find a team that sticks with you.

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    I took your advice and joined the new team. I have converted this post into a competitive diary of my tournament experiences.

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    Kick ass and become super famous so we can say, "Hey I know that guy!"

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    I wish you the best of luck!

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    Just putting this up top for the games tonight. As far as I know we are playing tonight @ 7pm central.

    Stream link is



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