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  1. Default Phantom question

    Soon MapleSEA will release phantom, so which to ask some skill related problem before playing phantom,

    1. Can phantom steal "Dark Aura" from Battle Mage?

    2. Can Phantom Steal "Shadow Partner" from thieves, "Ice Charge" " Fire Charge" or "Thunder Charge" from White Knight?

    3. Can Dark Harmony's ignore mob defense ( add 40 wa and passive give ignore def 30%) stack with Aria Amour's ignore mob defense?

    4. Among Chain Lightning, Dark Impale and rapid fire, which do you prefer to learn? reason?

    thanks in advance for all the answer.

  2. Default Re: Phantom question

    1. No
    2. No, I dont think so on the charges
    3. It adds the Wep att, but does not give the ignore defense.
    4. I use Chain Lightning because its useful when fighting phys-immune mobs on the rare occasion you do, and Mille Augilles isnt that much worse than Rapid fire for DPS

  3. Default Re: Phantom question

    No. Only Adventurer skills.
    Phantom can't steal passive effects even if they come from an active skill, I believe.
    Rapid Fire is the best single target but rather useless if you train on more than one monster. Chain Lightning is better multitarget than Dark Impale. I personally prefer Paralyze since it paralyses things, but Twilight is overpowered at release and has 100% invincibility frames anyways.

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    1. You can only steal from regular explorers. This means no Dual Bladers, Cannoneers, or Jett/Zen.
    2. Shadow Partner counts as a summon, and Phantoms can't steal summons. You can't steal charges either sadly.
    3. You don't get passive boosts from stolen skills. Since the ignore defense from DH is passive, you won't receive that. However the 40 weapon attack does stack with Aria Amour.
    4. I use Rapid Fire and Sharp Eyes. RF for single target, SE for mobs.

  5. Default Re: Phantom question

    oic, rapid fire is dmg 225% (source from hidden street), while Mille Augilles is 130% x 2, why did you said that rapid fire is good at 1 vs 1?

    cant believe that ppl steal dark harmony just for 40 wa.... it stack with other atk buff ie. rage?

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    Because it does 300% and is 1.5x faster?

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    as i know rapid fire is 1 min 500 hit, doesnt Mille Augilles also 1 minute 500 hit x 2?

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    That source is not updated. Rapid Fire actually does 330%, you're seeing a discrepancy because GMS had their Pirate revamp later. I would go with either Rapid Fire or SE for 4th job as SE boosts overall critical damage and it's also a stepping stone towards 100% critical, while it's easier to cap Rapid Fire versus Mille.

  9. Default Re: Phantom question

    Understood rapid fire ^^

    what is the reason of people stealing dark harmony ?

    could you give some advise on the skill that i wish to steal?

    2ng job : mesos guard, HB , Rage, Treaten

    3rd job : Combo atk, HS , Magic Crash / arrow rain / Mystic door

    4th job : Rapid fire / chain lightning and SE

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    I'm not sure why some people choose to steal Dark Harmony but I'd assume it might be because they already capped their critical rates. As I've mentioned though, I don't think DH is as good as SE because 1) Party buff 2) SE does boost your max critical damage.

    HB's good for second job, but mine would look like this: HB, Rage, Dark Clarity, Mesos Guard (Or maybe Magic Guard for first job). Rage is for partying while Dark Clarity is if you're going solo as it stacks with other attack buffs (Also, question: DC does stack with Lune, right?)
    3rd: HS, Combo Attack, Magic Crash. HS is for parties or if you can kill mobs efficiently without Combo and Magic Crash does exactly what it says on the tin.
    4th: Chain Lightning if you're mobbing, RF if you're bossing. You could also consider ELE for mobbing (Eight Legs Easton, known as Fusillade in KMS) as it has high %.

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    Default Re: Phantom question

    2nd job : Meso guard, HB, Rage, Threaten

    3rd job : Combo, HS, Magic Crash

    4th job : Rapid fire / AB, SE

    people steal DH because either somebody in their party already has SE or Advanced Blessing or they aren't educated in how their class works. If you do more training than bossing i recommend you keep AB as a backup in case somebody in your party already has SE

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    Ah, thank you for the insight!

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    Mille is 333 hits per minute x 2 (180ms delay). It can only activate Noir Carte/Carte Noire 333 times a minute. Rapid Fire hits 500 hits per minute (120ms delay, RF is 1.5x faster, like Joe said) and can activate Carte Noire 500 times a minute. If you had max critical, and you hit max damage with Mille, Carte Noire, and Rapid Fire, you would do 999 x Max with Mille and 1000 x Max with Rapid Fire.

    Strictly for training, I would do:

    2nd Job: Power Guard, Rage/Mental Clarity
    3rd Job: HS, Combo
    4th Job: SE, Adv Bless

    As for bossing, I would have:

    2nd Job: Power Guard, Rage/Mental Clarity, Heal, Threaten
    3rd Job: HS, Combo, Dispell
    4th Job: SE, Rapid Fire or Hurricane (Depending on whether or not you have the pirate revamp, Hurricane will be stronger than Rapid Fire)

    Mental Clarity because it stack with other buffs, after the next Warrior revamp, which gMS recieved with champions, Rage will also stack and you can use that rather than Mental Clarity. Power Guard doesn't consume mesos and it reduces knockback a bit. After 4th job, for party training, I generally used Rage, Combo, and Advance Bless or Lucky Dice, depending on how the party was, there was always a bishop or a second phantom with HS, so I used Lucky Dice for the extra EXP whenever I rolled a 6. If you're solo, I would recommend Rage, Combo, and HS. As soon as you have one point into the 4th job Talent of Phantom Thief/Impeccable Memory, you can cast a lower job buff and move it into the 4th job slot to maintain the max level of the buff if you wish to take advantage of that, otherwise I would use Rage in 2nd, HS in 3rd, and Combo in 4th until you've maxed Talent of Phantom Thief IV.

    For attacking, I generally used whatever mob skill Phantom already had.

    For bossing, Heal and Dispell are really just for pot cooldown maps. You can replace either Dispell or HS with Magic Crash, Dispell is replaced until you get to 200 or you have a bishop with you. I generally don't use crash except to avoid damage reflect, I just use soul steal for weapon cancel.

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    iAmFear: power guard can reflect dmg, and there is a bug (on maplesea) at the bossing map, if the boss 1/1 on you, power guard reflect to the mob, you will be detected by system as "hacker".

    Curtiss: So i assume GMS can use Mental Clarity + rage together?

    really thx to u guys to solve my problem.

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    You can't use Mental Clarity and Rage together anyway unless you move one to a higher job slot.

    @iamFear: We're getting our Pirate revamp before Phantom is out so the stolen RF will be maxed out at 330%.

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    At level 120, steal Eight-Leg Eaton the new Corsair (Pirate) skill
    steal Chain Lightening
    both are really amazing for leveling

    When you boss, use Rapid Fire



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