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Thread: [El Nido] B> Juniper Berry Seeds/Oils

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    Paying 3mil each for Juniper Berry Seed Oils, and 400k each for Juniper Berry Seeds.

    Looking for up to 500 of the Oils, but obviously if you have any amount I'll buy them! @Mazz;, PM or VM me, or look for vaiuabLe in-game. If I don't respond I'm probably AFK, but you can leave a message in my store in FM 1 if it's set up, char name is OmokSet.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Or you can buy what I think you want to buy from me for 10m each, although I'm not going to have time to restock until the middle of November...

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    Resistance Potions? Sure, if you're making some I'll buy them, let me know when you make a batch!

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    Yes Mike, resistance potions. I figured you wanted those after mentioning '99% resist' yesterday.
    At the moment I'm (lazily) working on leveling my willpower; once I get it to level 100 some time in the middle of November I'll switch to herbalism alchemy and start crafting those potions again.



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