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  1. Default Teapot without teabag... derp

    I derped and bought a Magical teapot on the last day of the CS sale and forgot that I needed a magical teabag or whatever to actually open it. Now they're unobtainable. Am I SOL?

  2. Default Re: Teapot without teabag... derp

    Phantom's Flying Ship thingy sells random Event junk like peanuts, Music Boxes, Scales, and stuff.

    Check the store and see.

  3. Default Re: Teapot without teabag... derp

    This must've gotten changed with recent bugfixes :( I've checked a bunch of towns and haven't found anything (Edelstein, Leafre, Ereve, Aqua, Mu Lung/Herb Town, etc). Haven't found anything except Peanuts and Lie Detectors at Aqua :(



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