So yeah. Because I wanna get this all planned out and be pro like my hero Alex. And no sub par stuff. Except maybe Colt Double. Just because.


Colt Double Action +12
- Warjack or Cannonhand

Standard Procedure Armor +10
- 3 Suju Critical Bead and 2 Warjack or Cannonhand

Ka'atu Duel Gloves +10
- Luminous Anodron Bead

Alicia's Tear +10

Ghastly Gaze
- Suju Title Bead
* not sure if this stacks with Soul Chaser after Korea's latest up

Screaming Bracelet +10 (swap with Holy Mithril Relic for light proc)
- Magneus or Petrilisk

Standard Procedure Necklace +10 (unless Soul Chaser. Then a Special Equipment will be replaced with a Standard Procedure piece)
- Magneus or Petrilisk

Halgi>Kuro>Locky's +10
- Magneus or Petrilisk
*I wish...

Going to do avatars when I wake up. Too tired to think properly.