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    Hello again guys! Well, I finally got done with all my other homework and now I need to write a proposal for an English paper. The paper is a rhetorical analysis of a visual (ad, video, picture, commercial, etc), argument, or another text. I'd prefer a commercial or video. The text at hand should be tantalizing and effective to the person reading or viewing it. It cannot be obvious, it has to make an interesting argument that the reader or viewer might be resistant to. So, after all that, I need something that will fit that description. My brain is too dead right now from all my other homework to think of anything so if you guys could help, that would be awesome!

    Edit: Found a nice little commercial I could do a rhetorical analysis on. If anyone's interested or if anyone wants to give me some tips and advice on writing this paper, heres the video.

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    Write about how the media has changed from the 20th century and the 21st.



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