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Thread: [Movies] Iron Man 3(April 2013)

  1. Default Iron Man 3(April 2013)

    who's as excited as I am?

    I'm in the process of quitting smoking, and this just covered up 4 days of no nicotine.
    sweet jesus.

    also a free space to discuss/share expectations/predictions and what have you.

    the CGI is obviously going to be flawless, they proved that with The Avengers.
    I don't really like the idea of the villain being another replica of Tony's suit, but I'm not creative myself, so I shouldn't bicker.

    but as I always have and will continue to do; I will anticipate this movie like it is going to be the best movie in 2013, but with zero expectations. I like to go in to the cinema with an open mind.

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    Default Re: Iron Man 3(April 2013)

    This will be an awesome movie. I don't think it will be better than Superman, but it will be good.

    And seeing how "dark" the mood will be, I just don't want Pepper to die. I like her too much for that.

    And this villian is the MANDARIN! He won't use a replica of the suit.

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    I'm hearing the story will involve some more Extremis, and the part where he telepathically controls the glove indicates that the suit grabbing Pepper is him moving it unconsciously in his sleep.

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    Default Re: Iron Man 3(April 2013)


    Tailor definitely hints at some darker themes which intrigue me, but I really can't get over what improvements his suit will get this time around... It looked like remote control via telepathy? DO WANT

    Hopefully they manage a balanace between the dark make-you-think stuff and general badassery that is IM1

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    I think the story with the comic books (which the movies are loosely based off of) was that the Extremis "virus" was basically a replica of the super soldier serum by using nanotechnology. When Tony injects himself with it (after being beaten to all hell), he goes comatose for like 2 days and insta heals, but instead of super-solider stuff, he programs the nano tech to give him telepathic control over the interwebs and stuff, so he's essentially linked wirelessly to his suit and every computer in the world. I do wonder how they're going to explain that though seeing as the marvel movies tend to try to keep up with the realism as much as possible (with the exception of Thor because magic = science). Pretty cool storyline though. Wonder how they're going to explain the Mandarin though, seeing as his 10 rings are supposed to be magical powers.

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    Cant wait !! -fangirl squeal-

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    Default Re: Iron Man 3(April 2013)

    Extremis gave him that? I swore that in the trailer the suit coming to life was Tony trying to give his suit sentience, but instead made a crazy posessive girlfriend in the form of a suit of armor. And yes I refuse to use the term "Yandere" to describe it.

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    Well, they've stated that the story in 3 will involve more of the Extremis plot, whereas 1 only had the captured by terrorists part. The Extremis Armor is controlled directly through his brain. It doesn't look like they'll be using Extremis itself, but the wireless control concept. It ties in with the statement earlier where he says "And when I sleep, I have nightmares", as well as equipping the glove without any physical or visible interface.

    Also, the Mandarin's rings are alien technology, not magic.

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    Default Re: Iron Man 3(April 2013)

    well, looks i need to rematch 1/2,

    how did 2 end agian?

  10. Default Re: Iron Man 3(April 2013)

    it is fantastic.

  11. Default Re: Iron Man 3(April 2013)

    Or that was just an example of one of the nightmare's he's having; The suit taking pepper away from him, as it's the thing that both protects and endangers them both.

    Previews are like prophecy; You can never quite trust what you see to be the full truth.

  12. Default Re: Iron Man 3(April 2013)

    Doesnt look like something worth seeing in theaters. I'm dissapointed they are taking this "spiderman" route where they focus so hard on the emotions, rather than what made iron man good originally, the wit and I don't give a sh`it attitude.



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