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  1. Default Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    Tonight was the third and final debate, and also polls today show that the nation is tied 47% Romney, 47% Obama so obviously this is going to be a very intense few weeks leading up to election day.

    Have you made up your mind now that the debates are over on who you will be voting for?

    Also, note this is not to show who you are voting for nor who you are endorsing in the upcoming election, just curious if you are still undecided or have your choice made. Please avoid using this thread as a grounds to voice your opinion and personal statements.

  2. Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?


    Do I think it makes a big difference?


  3. Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    Write in Khainiwest, a person who believes in equal responsibility!

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  4. Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    Is my mind made up? Only in saying that the political mud slinging amuses me:

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    Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    I had my mind made up before the debates even started, wasn't a hard decision.

    Btw, just keep in mind polls tend to not show a good representation of actual popular opinion. I see polls every day that blatantly contradict each other.

  6. Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    Why wouldn't you vote for Not-Romney?

    His wife said if he loses then he'll stop going to politics. That's like a massive reason to go vote right there.

  7. Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    Isn't the electoral college pretty pro-Obama on swing states.

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    Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    Last I checked, Obama was indeed ahead in the swing state polls if that's what you mean.

  9. Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    I read an article last night regarding the possibilities of an Electoral College tie, I really hope it happens. That system needs to be scrapped or heavily modified.

  10. Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    What system do you believe should supercede the electoral college?

  11. Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    Cut the middleman and just take the total number of votes?

    Could be kind of inefficient with those who have early voting but it shouldn't be that bad.

  12. Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    Tbh I see the political landscape gradually moving into a progressively more pro-democrat fashion if republicans continue to align themselves tightly with Christianity and conservative social practices. Cutting it bluntly, being against gay marriage ect. as the country becomes progressively liberal is a long-term loss as they are trading in votes incoming from Christian die hards in Bible Belt States for a young youth population in college that may continue to see the party as being bigoted for holding a restrictive stance on social attitude. This is presuming that few people elect a president on other factors say foreign policy or their economic plan. Stances which go ignored simply because both topics tend to be complex and unstable on many levels and neither candidate can really promise a solid sell in either category given the spontaneity of terrorism and the irregular random walks created by speculation and corruption within Wall Street.

    I don't understand the economy at all. Much less, a plan to improve the economy. Trillion dollars in increasing debt and yet America moves forward. The Fed handing out 40 billion a month for mortgage back securities and you pick up any investment article and you see majorly positive commentary with people downplaying potential volatility. Theoretically bailing out companies that are too big to fail (AIG). Bailing out hedge funds that made high risk gambles on billion of dollars (Long-Term Capital Management). Pump and dump (Facebook) with suspected insider trading market bullying on the stock index. It seems like a jungle for christ's sakes where some insiders have hunting rifles and the people that are being hunted are mostly uneducated investors, which basically means you don't already make billions and have an inside tract to the company's executive decisions two months down the road.

  13. Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    i pineappleing love her

  14. Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    I could probably go on and on about changes that could be made, but to cut things down a bit I will give a TL;DR version.

    Government can be notoriously slow at implementing anything and people are scared of dramatic change, so I created a step-by-step. In a nutshell, without excessive detail:
    Step 1A: Move to Congressional District based distribution of electoral college votes + extra vote for popular vote winner a la Nebraska and Maine
    Step 1B: Less likely politically, award electoral college votes proportionally based on popular vote total in a state without Congressional District constraints
    Step 2: Popular vote
    Step 3: Democracy?

    The winner-take-all format that is currently employed my most states just doesn't seem very democratic to me. One red vote in a big blue ocean doesn't matter; one drop of water in a forest fire doesn't either. I could go on, but I suspect my opinions might be parsed out in later responses + Homecoming Coins need spending.

  15. Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    Gerrymandering is the greatest politico-American past time.

  16. Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    Meh, I'm voting for Gary Johnson simply because I'd love to see a third party involved in the next debates.
    I believe if 5% if the popular vote goes to a third party they participate in the next debates as well as be involved in the electoral collage? I'm not too sure on the latter.

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    Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    Pretty much sums it up for me. However, I will not be voting this election, since there are even matters that less-popular candidates have that seem pretty far-fetched to me.

  18. Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    Eh I don't even bother voting, seems like you're(in general) just voting for the person who would screw you over less.

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    Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    It's probably too late for you two to register if you haven't, but often just as important as the candidates are state and local level proposals. I can understand if you don't want to decide who's the shiniest of two turds running for an office. But with proposals on things like gay marriage, marijuana legalization, alternative energy mandates, collective bargaining, etc, etc there's still some incredible important reasons for you to shift your asses to the polls. These types of proposals are frequently tests for what might issues come to the national level and those that get suppressed for another election cycle or three.

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    Default Re: Do You Know Who You're Voting For?

    Very well said.

    Ultimately I think it's disappointing when people choose to not vote. I find it very hard to believe that an intelligent, educated person who is very knowledgeable about the candidates and the issues cannot, by the election, make a decision, if at least for one of the many races or amendments they're eligible to vote in based on region and locality. Intelligent, educated people with a sense of reason are, in the vast majority of cases, able to make a decision between two options by weighing aspects of the two and seeing which are truly the most important to them.

    And in an election like this, I find it shocking some still find the decision difficult. I dislike single issue voters, but come on, women who are unsure about candidates when one has specifically stated he wants to federally regulate their reproductive rights, while the other has passionately maintained those are decisions left to the women themselves? Or that one supports the essential dehumanization of LGBT Americans, denying them the same civil liberties as other citizens, while the other openly supports same-sex marriage?

    In the end, the majority of undecided/"I'm not going to vote" citizens out there are simply too lazy to sit down and evaluate their personal convictions about what's really important to them in this country, and who will best represent those issues. History shows, time and time again, that truly educated, informed voters with sounds logic and analytical skills are capable of selecting a candidate for most, if not all races.

    Just bear in mind that if you ever choose to give up your right to vote in an election, you give up your right to have an opinion about the winning candidate throughout the duration of their term. You don't get to have a say and complain about the bad things or even praise the good if you don't vote because you didn't exercise your voice when it was needed the most. And ultimately what's most depressing is that hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers have died over the centuries fighting so you today may still cast an informed ballot as a citizen of the country. It's sad you care so little about those lives as to not give the election on any level its due consideration.



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