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  1. Default Main my Mercedes or play my Dual Blade instead?

    I have lvl 16x Merc and a lvl 7x DB.

    Both have similar gameplay, chaining a variety of skills to perform several attacks and have great mobility.

    The downside is they both have low hp, but i wont care much about this.

    Maybe i was amazed by DB's great avoidability, or even his OP hyper skills released recently in KMS, Asura is like the best skill among all the hypers, not to mention that the +1 attack to all the skills (hidden blade), i it so much lol.

    However, Merc's passive 40% avoid rate is not that bad too, but her hyper is similar with other jobs.

    It is kind of hard for me to make decision between two of them.

    Also, if DB is suggested, will Phantom ever outshine him in any aspect?
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  2. Default Re: Main my Mercedes or play my Dual Blade instead?

    Play all 3 classes to at least level 130-140. Eventually you will like 1 more than the others.

  3. Default Re: Main my Mercedes or play my Dual Blade instead?

    The HP problem for DB doesn't really pose as a problem once max Mirrored Target.

    Two Phantoms duoing the full Empress is possible (largely due to having Crash ready). Two DB's is most likely not. Phantom is generally the better bosser (pre-Phantom nerf, at least). The only upside DB has against Phantom is the avoid. Phantom Blow is pretty limited.

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    Default Re: Main my Mercedes or play my Dual Blade instead?

    Mercedes have the highest hits/min out of the three currently, followed by DB, followed by phantom.
    After Hypers, I'm 99% positive DBs will have the highest DPM out of the three, along with being the easiest to max with the main 1v1 skill (Asura will be hell to max with, though)

    I have all three classes at a decent level and love all of their playstyles, but playstyle is all up to you. I'd get them to at least 125 before deciding which to main.

    Out of the three, DB and Phantom have the best survivability.
    DBs literally have godmode after maxing MT. You can only get hit by empress tornado/phoenix, and ignore guard things like Azwan. Phantoms have Final Feint, great avoid, and can steal defensive skills. Mercedes have great avoid and a good amount of damage reduction, but it doesn't compare to the others.

    Phantoms right now are amazing bossers because they can steal buffs (DR) and crash.. They can also stal Res, TL, you know the deal. Whatever they need, they can get pretty much. They're amazing assets to teams and fit any situation.
    After the nerf, they'll still be that way, it'll just be a pain in the ass to switch skills (and rebuff because stolen skill duration gets a decrease).
    They'll also do from what I've heard around 25% less total damage, and that's pretty huge seeing how hard it is to max on a Phantom already.

    @Mandalay I don't know the legitimacy of this video, but here claims to be a Dual Blade Empress solo


  5. Default Re: Main my Mercedes or play my Dual Blade instead?

    @See; Lucky Guy medal raises suspicion :(

    I'm guessing that was his first solo though because at the end, he wrote "kekekeke" which is what Koreans type to kind of "snicker"

  6. Default Re: Main my Mercedes or play my Dual Blade instead?

    The db from the vid seems to have 79k hp.
    Let's say 69 000 hp gained from hp washing. So 69000/16 = 4312 AP resets ?
    Pardon me if I am wrong.

  7. Default Re: Main my Mercedes or play my Dual Blade instead?

    He's just really funded, stuff doesnt get duped in KMS like it does in GMS

  8. Default Re: Main my Mercedes or play my Dual Blade instead?

    Thanks for replying.

    After much consideration, i decided to continue training my Merc until lvl 200 because i found out i loved her too much especially her colorful skills.

    I used to think that DB hits more than Merc just because he had MI before See pointed out that Merc has the highest hits/min than DB, maybe AFA is already made up of it.

    Asura is indeed the best hyper but after doing some research, i found out that it is really hell to reach its 10m cap, and it is not my cup of tea for an unfunded maplers.

    After all, DB is less appealing to me compared to Merc, i will train a Phantom too to enjoy his specialties to steal skills.
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