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    So i saw today the Ornate box in time temple and i was wondering when this box get update and renew her item? because i tried to buy stuff with no success

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    Supposedly it refreshes at midnight server time, but alot of people camp it at that time.

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    And the items are per server or per channels?

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    Any link on the items? Kinda forgot about this...

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    There is only one channel the box is in.
    When you are teleported to the room with the box, you are put in ch1. You can only see yourself; I have seen items drop out of nowhere.

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    From what I've seen, I have a few theories;
    - The box spawns every 24 hours in random maps that has a goddess statue in it.
    - The time Nexon does a server check affects the ToT box as to where to put the first point of time for spawning and restocking of it. This could also cause the randomness of the box spawning after midnight or noon.
    - Sometimes the box can restock, but not change its contents as I've managed to buy the stuff later where as earlier I get the 'out of stock' message. I've done this after midnight.
    - I've caught the box re-spawning and changing it's contents within 5-10 minutes after midnight and seems to change its contents 2 times within one minute after.
    - The contents in the box seems to be sorted by order of rarity and quantity of items. Top of the list (occupies the first and second slots), where it's mostly morphing/transformation potions or whatever can be bought by anyone 5 times each. Semi-rare Scrolls/recipes seems to to have a quantity of 3 in stock as I've manage to buy the same stuff on different characters until I couldn't buy anymore. And the last slot for extremely rare recipes/items/materials seems to have a quantity of 1 in stock.
    - Extremely rare recipes/materials/scrolls can contain WABR, reverse/timeless recipes, Adv pot scrolls, AEEs, PB chair as well as confusion fragments, primal essences, rock of time, PoTs, etc. I've seen a WABR recipe in the box once, but did not manage to buy it. I even tried the trick of leaving the window open to try buying it after it restocks new contents, but that does not work ^^;.
    - You can only see yourself in the map, but you actually view whoever is in the map with the party search as long as they aren't in an exp party I think.

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    It is not midnight, i have tried. Some people say it is 24h after an SC, but i'm not sure. All i know is it is not at midnight. And when ever i do find it with items, they are usually crappy potion recipes i dont need I want my WABR recipe



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