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    All right. This movie just came out. And I want to know if people plan on seeing it, or have seen it, and their thoughts on it. I was a huge fan of the first movie, because of all of the hype around it when it was released in select theaters for a few days....I loved the aura that the theater gave this movie. When the second movie came out, I was still somewhat impressed, but still enough to be interested. With 3, I wasn't impressed all. It was fun to learn the history of things, but other than that I didn't feel like much fit in with the story.

    I just got out of the theater of watching 4....and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. Probably the favourite out of all of them. Just. I don't know how to describe my feels. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I gasped. Basically all of the emotions were there. It leaves a few open ends, and there is a little tidbit at the end of the credits that leads on to a fifth movie, which will likely answer these questions....

    Overall, I'd give this movie a /

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    I'm planning on seeing it. I've seen the first three and am left with SO MANY QUESTIONS. Good to hear it's decent. Will update here when I see it.

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    I plan on watching this just because it was filmed in my hometown!

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    Two was my favorite. After the horribleness of the third entry and the reviews I read on the 4th, I wasn't planning on seeing 4, but maybe I'll have a change of heart.



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