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  1. Default Best kaiser weapon

    I was wondering if a Stonetooth Sword or a Lionheart Scimitar would be better to scroll/enhance for a kaiser in terms of dps.
    I'm planning on scrolling one with 20% or 50% scrolls and enhance it to around 10-12 stars.

  2. Default Re: Best kaiser weapon

    Lionheart scimitar.
    Without a doubt.

  3. Default Re: Best kaiser weapon

    How come? Does attacking speed not influence kaiser a lot?

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    Default Re: Best kaiser weapon

    Their 1v1 delays are low as f'uck to begin with and they have a lot of weapon speed enhancements or some bulls'hit.

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    Default Re: Best kaiser weapon

    It's not the attacking speed, it's the massive attack difference between the two weapons. The 36 attack difference (101 vs 137) will easily outweigh the attack speed.

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    Let's not forget about perfect upgrades and 12enhancements which furthermore makes it stronger than a Stonetooth.

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    I believe you hit speed cap during transfiguration so... whatever....

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    Okay, I know enough. :)
    Thanks people!

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    You could also get a glove with Decent Speed Infusion if it becomes that much of a bother.

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    In terms of Kaiser, how much ignore PDR does he have?

    My hero doesn't need a 45% pdr weapon anymore but I dunno whether I should stick a new nebulite in, or just leave it since it'd be useful to a Kaiser.

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    Has 40% from their version of Combat Mastery, if you get the Leafre set, that'd be 70%, so if you're planning on using the Leafre set, I'd say it's safe to put in a new nebulite.

  12. Default Re: Best kaiser weapon

    The way I see it, most upgraded Stonetooth have at least w.att 170, which is really good until you can find yourself a decently upgraded Empress Scimitar (w.att 190+)

    It might take some time but try to stick with 20% scrolls to +10 then work on Enhancing it to 12. (max is 15, but getting to 15 is risky business, unless your unlimited funds) After all the upgrading you should have and Empress Scimitar sitting at 240+w.att

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    Default Re: Best kaiser weapon

    was gonna say luminous, but remembered you can't do that

    but yea, i'd think the scimitar would end up better, considering both weapons hit cap with transfiguration.

  14. Default Re: Best kaiser weapon

    If both weapons can hit speed cap and there's not much difference in attack speed, I'll just get a Scimitar. =)
    Affording and scrolling one won't be a problem!

    Also, I heard Kaiser can't get the non-Nova link skills? Is this true?

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    That is true. Kaiser and Angelic Burster can only receive each other's link skills, but they can give their link skills to anyone else.

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    kaisers have many speed enhancing passives and actives, even without transfiguration.

    battle scimitar is highly recommended, especially as it easily goes beyond 200 atk - what, 6-8 enhancements?

  17. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Best kaiser weapon

    It's not like Kaiser and Angelic Burster really need anyone else's link skills when they have such raw power. :P



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