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  1. Default What do you think is next for Pokemon?

    I know I am not the only person who saw Black and White as a rehash of Gen 1.

    A completely new area different from other areas.
    A entire new set of Pokemon with no repeats. (Until later in those games)
    And the first Pokemon games to have actual sequels released for them since Gen 1 and 2.

    So, what do you think will be the next step for Pokemon? A release of a set of games that remind us of Gen 3? And a release of the Gen 3 remakes? (Assuming that kind of idea is even on Game Freaks minds)

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    ...i can dream

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    I think the term you're looking for is "throwback". It shares a lot of similarities to Gen 1, but they threw some of that out the window with B/W 2.

    This is what is confusing me:
    What? Are we talking about FR/LG and HG/SS, or Yellow and Crystal?

    Either way, I like the direction from B/W 2. A number of the new features were really fun, I really enjoyed Join Avenue, and the World Tournament.

    I'd love to see some additional story focus, and more things similar to the dropped item subquest, as in just more side plots in general. I don't think new Pokemon species is a HUGE priority, since we have 649.

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    hopefully nothing.

    that brand is milked, extracted, what have you.

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    No, because I wasn't looking for a term, I used the term I wanted to use.

    Also BW 1 = Gen 1. BW 2 = Gen 2. Gen 2 had a lot of new features over Gen 1, remember?

    First off, Yellow and Crystal weren't sequels, they had exactly the same story and took place in exactly the same time only with a few extra features.

    As for FR/LG and HG/SS those don't count simply because they're remakes with a bunch of new ideas thrown in.

    When I said the first Pokemon games to have true sequels since Gen 1 I meant in the main series.

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    I'm still waiting for the megagame that lets you play through all five continents with all-new story linking them all.

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    I couldve sworn that Crystal, Gold, and Silver didnt take place exactly to Yellow, Blue, and Red. They explained that those events took place 3 years after (Y,R,B) when you beat the Johto league and travel to the Kanto region. Well.. you'll only see that text if you play HG / SS I think but whatever.

    I honestly dont even understand how there can be 649 pokemon?!?(anyone remember when there was only 151?)...let alone them probably hard at work on the next set.

    Edit : @above I'm waiting for that game also. Been waiting for 10+ years now...

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    Considering there's been a few hints towards something Hoenn related in BW2 (NPC in the Desert Resort talks about Go-goggles and the Mirage Tower, Water/Lava contrast in the reversal, and maybe some other ones), and with the trend they've been having over the past 2 gens, Ruby and Sapphire remakes might come next. Which would be strange because BW2 should take place at least 7 years after RSE. /* FR/LG + RSE --3 years-> HG/SS + DPPt --unknown-> BW1 --2 years-> BW2 */

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    I think EVERYONE has been waiting on a pokemon Mega game. Who WOULDN'T want to play a game where you could visit 5 continents and play a pokemon game through all of them? Sure it's like the longest game in history, but come on, how awesome would that be? If anything, they could write a game (2 parts if necessary) where they follow the TV show- like a super Yellow Version.

    Personally, I want a renewed Yellow version. To me, yellow version was extremely unique in that it semi put you into a dedicated storyline that kinda followed the TV show. It's what everyone wanted at the time and it was amazing to be able to interact with pikachu. If they updated the graphics, I would buy it in a heart beat because , next to silver, yellow version was one of my favorites.

    I also liked Pokemon conquest. That was a lot of fun despite the fact that they lost a lot of potential in that game being limited to 1 attack per pokemon. I wouldn't mind a follow up to this one.

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    Game wise, a ds remake of rse, a pokemon ranger game that crosses into the main regions.
    Anime wise, end it.
    Also, sorry about the grante, stupid phone.

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    Black /White and those things you listed, in my opinion, were the best things to happen to the pokemon franchise for an awful long time. However, making everything "brand new" makes it a rehash? They were the... freshest (couldn't think ofa better word) pokemon games in an awful long time, specifically because they locked out all the old pokemon until game completition.. Gold and Silver really weren't sequels to Red/Blue any more than Ruby/Sapphire were sequels to Gold/Silver and so on. The only serious sequel pair was Colosseum/XD.

    I wouldn't. There is literally no way to make a pokemon game last an area ~5 times the size of what we have already played and have it feel fresh the entire way through. They would either need to increase the level cap (lol not happening), make everything and everywhere more compact, so that you rush through every area with less leveling (would suck). Not to mention the obvious, 40 gym leaders and possibly multiple elite fours would get old incredibly fast.
    And I would be much more interested in exploring a brand new area than revisiting a place I've already been through extensively.
    Could they bring an area back as postgame content again? Sure? As a main game in its own right? I hope not.
    I think they hit the nail right on the head with Black/White 2s world tournament, letting you battle old Gym leaders and other important trainers. (Though they should have included the main character from Black/White 1 somewhere too, but that is a seperate discussion).

    Absolutely not. A 3DS remake of them? Yeah, that I could see happening. The very idea that ANOTHER pokemon main series game would come out on the DS over 2 years in to the lifespan of the 3DS is a ridiculous notion.

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    Or they can go with the Anime version and have your Pikachu deleveled to like level 10 when you reenter a new area xD Though I admit that would be pretty sad and annoying lol.



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