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  1. Cash5 Help On Phantom Damage

    My Phantom Attack Is 2701-3858 buffed without any scroll stuff
    Do I Have Really Low Damage?

  2. Default Re: Help On Phantom Damage

    Not enough info.

    3858 is disgustingly horrible at lvl 150, but pretty damned good at level 30.

  3. Default Re: Help On Phantom Damage

    Phantoms shine once they hit 140/150

  4. Default Re: Help On Phantom Damage

    Seconding. It looks okay at your listed level if you don't have much LUK % but you actually need to list out equips and stats if you want actual tips on how to make your Phantom stronger*.

    *Disclaimer: I don't have a Phantom yet, that's just an estimate based on what I've observed from other threads.



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