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  1. Default Character Card (instant 50/100)

    I am hoping to purchase one now and use it when AB comes out.

    Are there any class restrictions besides Cygnus Knights? Would it work for Luminous/Kaiser/AB?
    I'm getting mixed answers. If no one has concrete evidence I will probably end up buying one, and if it doesn't work, I'll make a Marksman or something for the crit.

    When you purchase it, do you get an item to double click (that lasts 90 days) or do you have to create a character as soon as you purchase it?

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    Default Re: Character Card (instant 50/100)

    From what I've heard, you get an item that lasts 90 days. On use, it takes you to the normal character creation screen so in theory it could be used for AB and Kaiser but there's no way to test.

    It's a risk, but there's a chance it could work.

  3. Default Re: Character Card (instant 50/100)

    October 22, 2012+90 days=January 14, 2013

    By that time, Kaiser should definitely be out. Not sure about Angelic Burster.

  4. Default Re: Character Card (instant 50/100)

    After purchase (assuming you got a extra character slot), log out, and you will see the Instant Character Card Creation on the extra slot.
    Upon creation (ex. Paladin), the Warrior is given "exp totems/potions". Each totem/potion is one level.
    Similar to the potion gained in Phantom's start quests, that makes you level 18.

    The question is whether or not these potions are transferable, which i doubt and is the coupon really 90days, or 60 days?

  5. Default Re: Character Card (instant 50/100)

    So are those exp totems free levels or just bottles with a # of EXP inside?

    Because I would totally grind to lvl100 and get to lvl200 with 100 storm growths lol.

    99% likely that isn't the case; any screenshots on what this process looks like?

    Apparently you can't make a lvl100 Mikhail?

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    Default Re: Character Card (instant 50/100)

    I think that mikhail is considered a cygnus as well.

  7. Default Re: Character Card (instant 50/100)

    I haven't made one, but I assume it has something to do with these items. As you can see, the answer is in the description. I doubt they would make such a huge oversight. Care to test it out for us. Just kidding.

  8. Default Re: Character Card (instant 50/100)

    Like I said, I was pretty sure it wouldn't work like that lol.

  9. Default Re: Character Card (instant 50/100)

    I don't have Screenshots, never bought it. I might buy 1 for Resistance revamp, since the maple story website tutorial on it shows a resistance character!
    And because each potion = 1 level, the HP/MP won't be nerfed

  10. Default Re: Character Card (instant 50/100)

    I haven't tried these new ones. I won one of the old ones (log out prize or something) and it had an expatriation date on it like any CS item and you picked the character when you double clicked the item.

    Can you gift it? You might be able to make it last longer that way (by staying out of the CS for awhile).

  11. Default Re: Character Card (instant 50/100)

    Nope :( I had already thought of doing that.

    I'll get one on the 22nd right before they go away (I think they go away on 22nd? Too lazy to check :3). @Carlosxc; don't let me forget and find me NX sellers O:<

  12. Default Re: Character Card (instant 50/100)

    I bought one lv 50 slot when they were 500 NX due to some glitch.
    Anyway, you get indeed 50 exp totems not levelup totems. They are completely untradable and cannot be used after lv 50 either.
    (They just simply dissapear).

    No problem.



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