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  1. Default I draw sometimes

    Been playing a lot of Dungeons and Dragons recently.

    The character I play is a half-elf druid, her design is still pretty up in the air though.

    She wears dragon armor, lightweight, and can only wear naturally made clothing...

    Not sure how to go about making the hide. Maybe with a dragon skirt, knee-high boots, with various druid-y things... I dunno, hehehe, she's got a long way to go.

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    Default Re: I draw sometimes

    The light is bright.

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    Default Re: I draw sometimes

    I really like that style!

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    indeed, that tone of green makes her look a bit zombie-like though

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    Default Re: I draw sometimes

    That face is just precious.

  6. Default Re: I draw sometimes

    I love how brightly coloured your art is. :3



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