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  1. Default Amanda Todd Suicide

    Just wondering what everyone's opinion of this unfortunate event is.

    Read about it here

    And the video is below (not the original video, not sure where that is)

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    Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    I heard about this over at the FarmerMarket. Sucks to hear these kinds of stuff happening.

  3. Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    So, someone said "tits or gtfo" and posted her info on the internet? How is this news, people have been doing this since the internet was made public domain, and quite a few other people have also committed suicide because of it. I guess I've just been desensitized over the years, but, I don't feel much even if a family member dies, much less some random person I don't even know or care about.

    There isn't any way to punish them for it because she made the mistake of putting the information on the internet to begin with, and once it's out there for even a millisecond, it's fair game; in fact, if they WERE punished for it I would be disappointed, that goes again the principles of an internet that should have an unrestricted flow of information. She made a mistake and paid dearly for it, things like this happen.

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    Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    Well, I'm reading this right now, and I'm find this way worse than your typical teenager suicide story.
    I'll edit this when I'm done.

    Edit:Okay, after forgetting to edit this, I retract my statement, I'm not gonna post my thoughts, as I swear to god, after reading the next few pages, it's like walking in a minefield blindfolded, with bare feet, in the middle of the New Mexico Desert riddled with Cacti. That's how disgusted I am.

    All I can say is that is this very abnormal and sad. Simple as that.
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  5. Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    This kind of stuff happens all the time.

    If anybody should be blamed, it needs to be the parents. Not the bullies.

  6. Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    Pretty pissed how all of the media makes her out to be a victim when she actually ended up f`ucking someones boyfriend out of nothing but spite. The "15 people" who beat her up, were all pissed she was a whore.

    Edit: Correction, was a clear homewrecker. "No one deserves this!". I'm sure the opinion would be different on jerry springer or maury lol

  7. Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    It's sad and all, but honestly, making a video like this make her look like an attention whore, if anything.

  8. Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    I believe the stalker could be charged with first degree murder whether or not the extortion was within his rights. You'd be pineappleing stupid if you think the stalker or the bullies will get away from this if they get identified. (note: she could have pressed charges at any time but she chose not to in order to "start fresh")

    The circumstances of her death isn't as simple as "she was a whore that showed her boobs online; she's just looking for attention with that video": it's more like she wanted to boost her self-esteem but made a huge mistake which she fully regrets, got in a pomegranatety situation, looked for help but the wrong help came (which she also fully regrets), and plead for someone to save her when the opposite has happened several times.

    Also, I love how suddenly she's the evil one for sleeping with the guy when it's the guy who took advantage of her. I guess it's okay for that scumbag to get a one-night-fling and get away with it while the girl gets beaten up by a mob to the point of mental trauma. People's view of women is disgusting in this regard.

    Makes me sick.
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  9. Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    She was pretty dumb... like most teenagers.

    This is her youtube channel where the original is if wikipedia isn't wrong.

  10. Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    Im so over hearing about these kids killing themselves over "bullying" issues. People have been bullied FOREVER yet this next generation cant handle it? Quit being stupid children and learn the difference between criticism and being "bullied".

  11. Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    Perhaps you should too.

    @KhainiWest; Wait.... are you implying it's k to beat up someone because she's a whore/homewrecker?

  12. Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    Did not expect to see this kind of response from some of you.

    Kind of disappointing.

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    Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    Because this was criticism.

  14. Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide


  15. Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    My statement wasnt geared towards this article, just in general.

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    Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    IMHO, If you show your boobs then prepare to be called a whore, she probably told her name to that stalker and he only used the information he knew about her to get the rest of her information and she made a big mistake by showing her boobs, doing drugs because of that is even worse, the guy thing is okay ( I don't blame her, she was emotional unstable already) but why she didn't delete those people that were bullying her on facebook, that was very masochist and stupid, even more the result of this. I don't blame her, I blame the parents.

    Why I blame the parents?. Because the current generation of parents aren't doing a good work, this is something very common actually, they don't show their sons how to act when they are being bullied or cyber bullied or how to behave on the internet. I was bullied at school because I was the best of my class, then one day when they were about to punch me I got really mad and kicked their ass, that finished the problem. When I discovered the internet, I was bullied too and I just stopped going to the old forums and started only using false information.

    But yeah everything points out that she was a whore with mental problems that were there even before the problems started, because connecting to the internet just to make your self-esteem growth is sad, very very sad. She probably had problems at her house because their parents were probably recently separated (She said at the end of the video that she moved to her mom's city), but still, a separation isn't that bad, my parents are divorced and I don't connect to chat roulette to meet someone that can solve my problems nor showing my parts.....

  17. Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    And there still is a difference.

    Don't know how I should respond.

  18. Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    3 school transfers because she was treated like how she acted, it was about time she got her ass kicked.

  19. Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    I've bookmarked this image forever.

  20. Default Re: Amanda Todd Suicide

    I don't think you completely lack empathy, but why are you taking such an extreme stance on this situation when we don't even know the fine details?

    I -see- where you are coming from. This was all originally her fault. However, it still is disappointing she didn't reach out to the right sources in time to prevent her death. Nobody is perfect, so maybe we shouldn't be making so many assumptions about her actions.



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