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  1. Default how to read kmst skill change extractions?

    when i read the kmst extractions, on the skill changes, i see stuff like info (type =50), indieMaxDamageOver, indieDamR, level readout, damR, and other things that i have no idea what they mean. is there a guide to understanding what this stuff means? or anywhere i can go to understand it better

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    Default Re: how to read kmst skill change extractions?

  3. Default Re: how to read kmst skill change extractions?

    Although @McAwesomesauce; is correct. if you read some of the older threads people talk about them. You can also relate what u know a skill does to the value. Usually if a skill has a "variable=1" it means that that specific variable is turned on. There are alot of these types. like Rapidfire=1 is saying that specific skill has the rapid fire property. Your type=50 is another property variable. It means that skill/item has the proproby of Type=50 w/e that actually means.

    some of the other ones u mentioned like indieDamR are like +% damages. I think thats it. I know indieAttack is something like +%total attack or it means it can stack or maybe something else.

    Someone that does extractions could explain this a lot better than me.

    So a place you can go is extractions and look at skill revamps. and see what changed and relate that to what you knew specific values are and what they changed from. As far as I know there isnt a Guild to relate the variables Maple uses to the things we know.

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    It's impossible to go over every single variable they use. For multiple skills they may use the same variable for different meanings. Sometimes the variables have non-descriptive names (x, y, z, a, b, c). There are over 700 skills in the game, and for one human to go through and define what every variable means for every skill would be a daunting task.

    So, rather than go through the variables and talk about what changed with each of them (which I used to do - and it took me a lot of time) I rather just display the variables and let you guys figure it out. Yes, it's harder to read. However, it's perfectly exact, and there's no way I can get the variables wrong. You get as close to the variables that Maplestory is using as possible, and you even get the formulas that they use to calculate what the variable is for every level of the skill. So while the skills I post aren't very readable to a newbie, to the more experienced person it has a lot more expressive power than writing everything out.

    Usually when it comes to things like putting content out for patches I tend to prefer the most basic, simple thing so that everyone can understand it. However, given the daunting task of defining variables like this and how much these skills change (which seems like every other week), there's not enough time in the day for even one chinchilla to do it all.

    Although they're harder to read, just keep reading them and eventually the variables will make sense - I can promise you that. And then you'll wonder why you'd ever want to see the English versions again?

    type=50 means that it's a buff skill that, when used, shows an icon in the top right of the screen that has a time and maybe a cooldown.

    "indie" properties mean that whatever property it is stacks with other properties. indieDamR is +% damage that would stack with any other +% indieDamR. If it's DamR it only applies to that skill and will not stack with other skills. indieAttack (most commonly seen on Rage) means that this attack buff will stack with other attack buffs.

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    Default Re: how to read kmst skill change extractions?

    is there any list of the "type=" and what they mean around?

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    I thought "type=50" was for most passives (such as Mastery, Achilles, Physical Training, etc..)?

    I believe "..a buff skill that, when used, shows an icon in the top right of the screen that has a time and maybe a cooldown." for most is "type=10" is it not?, unless, I missed something.

    I'm not 100%, but I noticed a trend with skill types:
    0x = attack (though, Battle Mastery for BaM's is in here as "type=1")
    1x = buff (with an icon at the top right corner)
    3x = some type of debuff? (Dispel, Magic Crash, Hero's Will, though Resurrection, Puppet, and Smokescreen are in here as well)
    4x = movement (Teleport & Flash Jump)
    5x = passive
    9x = affects multiple hidden skills? O_O (I'm not too sure on this one. Full Swing and Over Swing for Aran as well as Body Boost for BaM are listed as "type=98") (FS,OS, and BB all have "dummyOf =" listed.)

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    for 3x I think a better description is a non-moving active skill that deals 0 damage.



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