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    Did anyone else notice that Bullet Time's max speed effect doesn't raise your max speed when it is maxed? I'm not sure if that is a screw up on Nexon's part or something.

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    It says "increases maximum speed" in the skill note, not just "increases speed".
    This makes sense because Energy Charge at 3rd job Marauder gives a +50% speed buff when maxed.

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    Kind of strange that both effects aren't added to my character. I have Jump at 110 now due to Bullet Time, but Movement Speed is the same.

    I doubt they'll give me a good answer in the ticket I sent them a week or so ago, but I hope it gets fixed soon.

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    @Storm: What is there to fix? The skill note is quite clear.

    It increases maximum speed and it increases jump. If it didn't increase maximum speed, your speed wouldn't be 150% from Energy Charge, it'd cap at 140%. Proof that the skill is working simply requires you to get a full charge and see what your Speed is afterwards.

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    My speed with Energy Charge is 150%. Without it, it is back at the default number of 100%. The cap is 140% when using different equipment to raise the speed up. Adding in the maxed Energy Charge would hit the cap of 190% if I'm not mistaken.

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    Bullet Time doesn't give you speed, it raises your speed cap to 160.

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    Thanks for the information Izzy. I guess I read the skill wrong.



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