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  1. Default What is the DPS formula?

    I'll be using a NL for this example. Skill is QT.

    (AvgMastery * Skill% * Hit#) + (1 + AvgCritDam * Crit%)

    AvgMastery for a NL would be .925?

    (.925 * 296 * 4) + (1 + .425 * .55)

    Am I correct thus far?

    Whereabouts would PDR + Ignore go?

    Obviously I'm missing Shadow Partner and Venom.

    Shadow Parner:

    (AvgMastery * Skill% * SummonDam% * Hit#) + (1 + AvgCritDam * Crit%)

    Venom/DoT skills:

    (DoT% * MaxStack)

    (160 * 3)

    (QT + Shadow Partner's QT) / Delay + DoT = DPS?

    Also, what about skills with +% Damage e.g. Combo. Applied before or after Hit#?

  2. Default Re: What is the DPS formula?

    Most %dmg skills just affect your range, like 35k*1.2 for a 20% total dmg thing. Combo (and maybe others) really confuse the situation because they're applied onto the '1' in crit damage. With full orbs, regular combo is 1.25+avgcrit*% and adv. combo is 2.0+avgcrit*%.

    PDR is simply a multiplier, *(1-(PDR*(1-ignore))). Eg. if you have 40% pdr and 50% ignore, (1-(.4*(1-.5))) = 0.8 multiplier.

    Where it gets complicated is card set bonuses and hidden potentials with +dmg per hp and the like. Both are added directly to damage, after crits and stuff. But then they're multiplied by Shadow Partner etc. and added a second time.

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    Default Re: What is the DPS formula?

    woah woah, asking just in case you've checked, but does aran crit and snow charge do this too? i know the hero thing, but this is the first time i've heard of it being due to "displays in range of % buffs"

  4. Default Re: What is the DPS formula?

    Some buffs are %damage and show in range, but are additive with %totaldamage and %boss - Aria Amour is an example of this, as well one of/some merc buffs (Ancient Warding? idk mercs). In fact I think most of the buffs that affect range by x% are in this category.

    Combo is odd in that it stacks with crit; I don't know if there are other buffs like this.

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    Makes more sense now, thank you. And is it safe to assume combo is the only %Dam skill that behaves this way?

    I've seen your thread about character card sets and I don't think I'll be including those +Dam per hp ones, since there are better ones to choose from. I do have a question regarding the Archer set: I'm assuming Advanced final attack doesn't stack-damage wise with Final attack, so would the archer set (+final attack damage) even apply for everyone with Advanced final attack?

    -- Still wondering if my above formula's are correct.

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    I'm pretty sure all of the Aran things show up in your range. I've watched my range increase as I've put points in snow charge, as well as when my combo count increases in an increment of 10. It'd also help explain why Arans have such high damage ranges. I don't really know how the game treats crit regarding your range, but it'll change your percent crit chance display on the stats screen in relationship to your combo count and extra crit chance with combo critical.



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