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  1. Default Event Card Stamps

    I was under the impression that the way to get the stamps on your event card was to complete the criteria specified on the little gift box icon next to the event name, and click it, as shown here:

    But this doesn't do anything. Is this event broken, or have I done something incorrectly, or does this event simply not give a stamp? Not sure if I should spend my coins or not.

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    Default Re: Event Card Stamps

    The 60 coins earned from that one quest (which was removed) don't count towards the stamp. :v

    It also doesn't matter if you've spent coins, so no worries there.

  3. Default Re: Event Card Stamps

    Ahh, figures. Thanks a lot, I'll keep doing the Gourd Breaker thing then xD

  4. Default Re: Event Card Stamps

    In addition to that, when you do get the stamp, it's marked as "[Charity: Water] Water from Droplets"



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