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    So. Just curious. Anyone else besides me get this game?

    I just picked it up about 2 hours ago at the midnight release....and all I can say is that it's awesome so far. Loving the ability to actually like, choose how to play the game. I'm going through attempting to be stealthy, and not killing anybody....and so far it's hard. D: Graphics seem nice, and so far the story seems pretty solid. It reminds me of the movie Man on Fire, as well. And the fact that it's like Bioshock, Skyrim, and Assassin's Creed mixed into one.

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    I've been really excited for this game since my friend showed me an early gameplay video. I just picked up my copy for the PC an hour ago and I'll jump on it later tonight. I really hope it lives up to my hype. I really love stealth-based games, especially ones with branching paths (like Deus Ex) and the magical abilities is icing on the cake.

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    My roomate just got it and he seems to like it. I haven't really watched him play for an extended amount of time, but the trailer looked awesome. He has it for ps3 btw.

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    Totally lovin' it so far. Basically been playing all day. Story line is incredible. I actually found myself getting REALLY frustrated though trying not to kill anyone...Attempting to go the extra mile on some of the key targets to get rid of them in a non-lethal way was challenging, yet fun! And this is one of those games where you think you are at the end....but then BAM. pomegranate happens. I'm still kind of in shock of what just happened.

    But yeah. Excellent game. Next playthrough though I'm going to do all the hack n' slash stuff. Noticed the "Shadow" achievement will be extremely difficult, too. Basically you can't be seen. Ever. Even by all of the key targets....



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