Enduring is now recruiting!

A short history about Enduring...
Adamant (the mother guild) was created April 2012 as a collaboration among friends.
We have allianced with Connection, Distracted, Simplistic, Present, and Definition.
We do many boss runs, pq's, train and other fun things.
Due to unfortunate events, our leader (TheLevels) was hacked and in that process the guild disbanded.
We are rebuilding the guild under the new name of "Enduring."
As of June 2012, Enduring is under a new guild leader (Toccatas) and is currently trying to rebuild Adamant into a friendly and stronger guild!
We are currently in the alliance "Kinky" along with Connection. Currently in the potential talks of more guilds adding into the alliance.
Once we get things running and going, we will have a collaboration of guild events and alliance events in the future! Hope you stay tuned!

As we are in essence of starting over, there are no specific level requirements, although 120+ is preferred.
Must not have scamming/hacking history
Must be Friendly and Mature!

How to join...
Either fill out this application below or PM me!
You can also contact Toccatas, HisPigwabbit, MClass, Smokefarter, or Wersevans in game; just make sure one of us gets your application!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of us!
Thank you!

Are you active:
What do you do on maple:
Previous guilds:
Hacking/ksing/scamming history:
Why did you choose Enduring:
Are you willing to make friends:
Do you have a skype or would you be willing to get one?:
Are you willing to participate in events:

**Note** These questions from the application may seem a bit personal, but it will help us to get to know you better! If you don't feel like being too personal, we understand! Just fill out the application as much as you can!

Hope to meet you all soon!