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  1. Default [PIC Reset] No email

    I've been trying to reset a PIC for one of my mule accounts (that need a pineappleing proxy to work) but it seems that the site doesn't even try to send me a confirmation email.

    Any way around this?

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    Default Re: [PIC Reset] No email

    Send a ticket :-(

  3. Default Re: [PIC Reset] No email

    Its possible the proxy you're using is filtering that form out?
    If you have a friend on US soil, I would tell him/her to try to reset it. No way a maplestory account has no email tied to it, pretty sure its just a proxy issue.

  4. Default Re: [PIC Reset] No email

    Thanks for the replies. I'll try them out and hope for the best (they may take a while as well..).



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