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Thread: Wedding Dress

  1. Default Wedding Dress

    a sketch from my sketchbook from designing a wedding dress for a friend!

    i just redrew it on the comp w colourrr

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    Default Re: Wedding Dress

    Very pretty, but, does your friend really have legs that are twice as long as the rest of her body, including her head?

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    Default Re: Wedding Dress

    Awesome as always Miek. Only thing that bothers me a bit is the lack of hands, but then again the main thing here is the dress so I dunno.


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    Default Re: Wedding Dress

    There are hands, just the lack of lineart doesn't make it obvious.

    Very gorgeous, Miek!

  5. Default Re: Wedding Dress

    thanks! she doesn't have legs that long, the drawings definitely elongated that's just how fashion illustration practices go!

    thanks! ya I should refine the hands more, it wouldn't hurt! lol, but yah it's all about the dress!

    thanks karen <3 xo :D



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