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Thread: [Notice] Voting Is Now Open!

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    24 hours late, Nexon? And god forbid if EVERYONE got a Rare Meso Sack.

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    I wonder if anyone actually watched them.

    I know I only watched it...

    ...through The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

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    I watched it in it's entirety. I do every four years though they have yet to change my mind about anything.

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    All reports I've read said Romney won the debate easily. Let's see if this is reflected in this poll.

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    Oh boy! A chance to win up to 750 MILLION meso! I'd be a fool to pass a golden opportunity like this up!

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    Am I the only one who finds it annoying that Nexon is doing this. Granted i've never actually checked it out at all, but it seems pretty stupid.

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    Yeah, they decided to do this for the worse GOP in history, the worst President in history, and the worst election in history. I member that stimulus package thing they did in Maple though, lol.

  9. Interdimensional Rift Straight Male
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    Lol please. This is definitely not the worst President in history. Not trying to start a political debate, but those are some pretty strong opinions.

    I think that politics has nothing to do with maplestory and Nexon shouldn't be asking their players to vote on things like this.

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    and most mapler's arent even from the US

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    I actually think this is a wonderful thing on Nexon's part. They're trying to encourage voter participation in the age range with the lowest turnout, 18-24. If doing all this even gets 1 person to vote on election day that wouldn't have otherwise I'd say it's a job well done.

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    Granted it's still a moot point (in my opinion) to have it since the debates is but a small fraction of the entire political campaign and as such shows only the "bright face" of the politicians trying to appeal to the masses. If Nexon had an event in place that promoted people to do research then I'd be able to agree more with what you're saying.

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    I feel that this is about more than the debates. Honestly the last debate was so boring I'm convinced only people with insomnia and political science majors watched it. But those who didn't watch it probably saw something about it on the news, or read a newspaper, or had friends who talked about it. This is almost like a friendly reminder, it brings the topic of the election to mind. Just being reminded of the election will encourage people to at least pay attention to what happens during the next few weeks.

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    Someone obviously hasn't heard of James Buchanan, aka the idiot who sat there and let the Civil War happen.

  15. Donator Straight Female
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    I really don't think Politics belong in maple.
    As stated before, a lot of maplers aren't even from the US.
    It is GMS, after all.

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    Looks like Obama won the poll again.


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    Obviously the majority of Mapler's didn't even watch the debate or read the news.

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    If you actually used the debate as leverage in your vote than it's a wasted vote. Mitt outright lied about all of his policies. Obama may have not been able to stimulate the economy with blockade that congress put up, but I'd much rather have him than such an obvious liar. ./rant

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    My comment was based on

    which I Googled afterwards.

    And I didn't play maplestory's vote game.

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    Romney "won" in the sense that he spouted bullpomegranate and Obama didn't call him out on it.

    It's a victory for Romney, but a very small one.



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