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Thread: Horntail Drops?

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    Hey guys! Quick question, I've HTed like 10 times in the past week and only 1 egg dropped which was before all the USC's and what not. Has anyone gotten an egg since the last USC?

    Also, a question about southperry. How do I upload pictures on here? It says it has to be a URL, does that mean I need to create an account on like imageshack or one of those websites? Sorry, I'm not very tech-savy.

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    Horntail's drop rate of...stuff was nerfed when it became instanced.

    Yeah, you need to use an image hosting site. Upload your picture, select it, find a header that says, "Embed this image in a forum" or something along those lines, and copy paste that URL here.

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    Bleh, I use 2x drop buff everytime and can't seem to get one to drop. But okay, thanks!

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    I received an egg from HT yesterday. Having bad luck though with HTPs :x

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    Looks like we're opposites lol. I always get the pendant, but no egg.

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    I ran HT five times before the last SC, three times on 4.8x (2x + 2x + 1.2x) and twice on 2x. The first three times (including all the 4.8x attempts) I got no egg, no pendant. The fourth time I got a pendant, no egg, and the last time I got an egg, no pendant. His drop rate is downright awful, especially since you still have to wait 30 minutes for him to drop. I've found Manon is becoming much easier to find these days.

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    I think ht drops are based on how many people you have in the cave. In each run i had around 8 people that wanted a htp or either an egg. We waited and in each run ht drop 2 pends and one egg This only happened 4 times so it might just be luck =/

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    Probably luck. Ally of mine solo'ed it yesterday, or the day before, and got 2 pendants and an egg, too.

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    That sounds about right, the day I scored 2 pendants and an egg the next 7 runs afterwards I've gotten nothing but eggs every run. To this day, I still normally only get eggs for whatever reason. I only solo normally as well.

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    Actually, I've heard rumours of the drop rate being based off of it as well. Supposedly the more people you have in the map when it's killed, the higher the drop rate is for both Zakum and HT. Havn't heard anything about VL though.



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