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    Default How many people are online in MS (per world)

    So I was wondering how to find out how many people are online MS.. There used to be a website that gave a plot with some numbers ( but it doesn't seem to be working anymore.

    Does anyone have any idea how else to get the numbers without using decrypting?

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    Default Re: How many people are online in MS (per world)

    I know @Eos knows how to do it, as he posted a table before about it.

  3. Default Re: How many people are online in MS (per world)

    Diamondo's site is just out of date since the servers merged. It's the same case for some other known tools that were used once upon a time.

    I'm just going to go with the averaged 2k per server average, except Scania, Windia, and Bera being in the 3-5k range during peak hours.

  4. Default Re: How many people are online in MS (per world)

    I've seen websites and tools that can pull world #online numbers but I always have a hard time finding them again. I remember some numbers but I don't know what hours these figures are from.

    Renegades: 1600
    Khaini: 2400
    Bellonova: 2500
    GAZED: 3100?
    CMYK: 3000?
    Broa: low 3k?
    Bera: mid 3k?
    Windia: 4000?
    Scania: 4500?

    Rough figures but they kinda line up with Zelkova's figures. If I find a website that provides counts (I found one that used to log/graph server/channel population, making it a useful tool for checking server crashes, but I seem to have lost it) I'll edit this post.



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