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  1. Default Ward cane or cube?

    So basically i got 50k nx left and was wondering if i should take the chance and buy 11 wards to see how far i can get with my cane. My cane right now has 6 EE's and im trying to finish it asap. Or i can spend that 50k on cubing. I have around 115%luk atm and my hat/mask/card are all either epic or rare. Which would benefit me more with the nx to gain more dmg.

  2. Default Re: Ward cane or cube?

    You didn't say what stats you have on your cane. Regardless, you want boss damage and ignore pdr if possible. After 6 stars, don't expect it to go too much higher, I'll honestly admit I failed 9 AEEs in a row basically at 7 stars.

  3. Default Re: Ward cane or cube?

    Im not cubing the cane the canes done with cubes. Im cubing either my hat/mask/card. And if i should aee my cane try to get as far as i can with 11 lol... Its 6stars 235atk. Wondering which i should do to get more dmg.

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    You should cube your card for % boss if you already have 6 stars/% boss on your cane

  5. Default Re: Ward cane or cube?

    Ok and yeah my cane has 70%boss



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