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    I've been wondering for the longest time. I've looked on several Paladin guides, and threads, but keep getting mixed answers. Does Guardian give an additional 11% chance to block at level one? Or is it set to 11%? Any experienced Paladin out there wanna share their experience with Guardian?

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    Additional. The % From Guardian Add up to the one you get from shield mastery. (Without Neither your block chance is 0).

    Also obviously you must be using a shield or you chance goes down to 0 regardless of skills.

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    It should be 11% additional Guard, otherwise it would be nerfing Shield Mastery until level 11.

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    Gotcha. I was wondering because shield mastery was boosted like you said, and if was indeed set to that amount, I'd go for Divine Shield first, lol

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    Ehhhh you go for divine shield first before guardian always lol.

    I have activated divine shield more times than guardian. (Besides the att bonus is useful)

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    I was going to come and ask a similar (but related) question, but since this thread exists I'll just post here.

    I have level 12 Guardian, which means that I should theoretically have a 42% guard rate. However, the rate at which I block attacks is nowhere near that when Divine Shield is down. When we were WKs, didn't Shield Mastery's guard effect actually display the "GUARD" or "BLOCK" text when it activated? Every time I block an attack out of DS, the Guardian animation plays and it doesn't display "GUARD."

    I just tested at ToT, standing on top of one of the Eye of Time monsters. Out of 50 hits, 7 of them were blocked. I would have expected closer to 20 blocks. But no, that's a 14% rate. There is surely some statistical error at such a low trial count, but even then, it's not anywhere close to the 20% rate from either skill. If it's not close to 20%, I'm supposed to believe that I actually have a cumulative 42% guard rate? I think not. I'm inclined to believe that Guardian is glitched and it overrides the Shield Mastery guard rate. If this is really the intended behavior, then pineapple you Nexon.

    I'll have to do some more tests and post the results...unless, of course, there are any other volunteers.

    EDIT: Does anyone know where I could find videos of White Knight training from kMSt 1.2.408? Youtube isn't helping me at all.

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    OK guys, I took the time to sit down and test this...

    Procedure: I quickly threw together a little program to help me keep track of things. Upon pressing <SPACE>, the total hits counter would go up. When <ENTER> is pressed, the Guardian activation counter goes up in addition to the total hits counter.

    For testing, I used Ludibrium : Terrace Hall (the first Toy Factory map where all the Brown Teddies are).

    Testing was as follows:
    - Test 1000 hits.
    - Misses are ignored.
    - Guards from Divine Shield are ignored.
    - When Divine Shield activates, I dispel it to continue testing.
    - When touch damage occurs, I press <SPACE>.
    - When the Guardian animation activates, I press <ENTER>.
    - No break was taken during testing.
    - No character movement after beginning (other than being knocked around during testing).
    - Combat Orders was not used.

    Character information:
    Level 148 Paladin:
    * Level 18 Shield Mastery (18% guard chance)
    * Level 13 Guardian (23% block chance)

    Guardian activations: 228
    Total hits: 1000
    Guard rate: 22.8% (expected 41% - a difference of ~18%)

    The guard rate is basically the same as the block chance listed on Guardian. It does not appear to be additive with Shield Mastery's guard chance. Now, is this intended or a glitch? I'm not sure how to go about figuring that out. Hopefully it's the latter, but someone would have to ask Nexon Korea for confirmation, and the only way I can imagine that happening is if enough people report this as a bug so that Nexon America can start the investigation.

    Theory: Notice how Shield Mastery says "guard chance" in its description. Then, notice how Guardian says "block chance." Divine Shield is the skill that shows "GUARD" text when hit; perhaps Shield Mastery is actually additive with DS's proc rate? I'm going to test this next.

    EDIT: There appears to be no correlation between DS's proc rate and the Shield Mastery guard chance, so I have filed this as a bug.

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    I actually believe the "Block chance" and "Guard rate" are two different things. "Guard rate" is from Shield Mastery, and when it triggers, the text "GUARD" appears. "Block chance", however, when it happens, does not show the purple text "GUARD", and it just plays a shield animation and knocks the monster back. When "Block chance" triggers, it also has a chance to activate the Divine Shield. "Guard rate", however, doesn't seem to activate Divine Shield.

    I imagine "Block chance" triggers first, AND then if it fails, it's Shield Mastery's turn. So assuming you have:
    Lv. 18 Shield Mastery (18% Guard Rate)
    Lv. 23 Guardian (23% Block Chance)
    Lv. 10 Divine Shield (50% Proc Rate)

    It should be like this:
    Total hits without Divine Shield: 1,000
    Expected "Guardian" activations: 230 (1,000 x 23%)
    Expected "Shield Mastery" activations: 120 (770 x 18%)
    Expected "Divine Shield" activations, assuming no cooldown: 440 (880 x 50%)
    Expected times taking damage: 650 (1,000 - 230 - 120)

    Your test shows 228 Guardian activations, so that's about right.

    Again, just my guess, I haven't done anything to prove these statistics yet.
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    That doesn't make sense^
    What you're suggesting is that the block chances stack in diminishing returns. Ie, you have a 67% chance to be hit, and of that 67% chance, you have an extra 18% chance to block with Shield Mastery. Which would bring the total % of instances blocked up to 35% total (estimate).

    Clearly that's not happening from his stats.

    Unless he only counted actual guardian procs (like the huge shield animation thing) and ignored the ones where he got the big "GUARD". In which case I'm wrong.



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