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    I've heard someplace that Boomers do not explode in your face and knock off your HP if you one hit KO them. Being that I'm too lazy to get to NLC and I never had a high enough level player back when NLC was introduced and in vogue that I could OHKO them, I wanted to just stop by here and see if anyone else would take the time to answer it from the top of their head. Yeah, I know I'm lazy...


    EDIT: D'oh! I'm new here and I just realized this should probably be put in Game Mechanics, but this board looks more active so I'll just leave it here anyway. Sorry!

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    And also, this board is exactly right for this question.

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    I think you might be confusing Blood Booms at Pianus and Boomers at NLC. I can't reconcile the fear of NLC Boomers with their innocuousness. I don't even think NLC Boomers explode. Sorry if you really were referring to the NLC ones.

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    Boomers used to explode before the NLC revamp. Not anymore.

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    They no longer explode.

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    Whoops, it looks like I've been out too long.

    Just for curiosity's sake, to confirm, the pre-big bang behavior was that they only exploded if you did not one hit KO them, correct?



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