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  1. Default Water 7 content patch

    HAHA one piece reference, it's Wave 7

    I fell asleep last night so I missed the release date. At first glance I was dissapointed about the new class release. Upon reading this wesbite however, it answered my prayers. I have been stuck between destroyer/blademaster for awhile now, I went with destroyer as it's a brute force class. Well, f`uck that, they fused the classes potentials together to form this. And it might end up wielding double swords :D

    Fun Facts

    1. 65% of the Blade & Soul community tried Pohwaran Dungeon and only 20% of them cleared it.

    Well sh`it

  2. Default Re: Water 7 content patch

    Oh wow. That new class looks pretty good. Still, I had my heart set on Destroyer...but if this class turns out to be better overall, I'm definitely going for that.


    Sounds fun.



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