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  1. Default About BillingPP Bans

    So, a friend of mine got BillingPP'ed as of a few hours ago. He hasn't used Paypal to charge NX in years, definitely does not hack, not a profound MTS mercher, and didn't have massive amounts of unspent NX sitting in the account.

    Has anyone here dealt with such a ban or maybe even a non-billingpp permanent ban? What exactly did you write in your ticket? What steps did the appeal process involve? Would calling Nexon or even sending a mail-in letter be out of the question?

    And what could've possibly triggered this?

    Thanks. Any and all information would help. I'm bummed out his account got banned for who knows what :/
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  2. Default Re: About BillingPP Bans

    I got blocked for billingPP too. I've had the account for about 4-5 years now and nothing has happened to it since today.

    I don't use a credit card to buy NX or anything like that, so I wouldn't get how billing would affect it.
    The only things I can think of recently were buying something with the MaplePoints (which we got from compensation from the recent rollback and dumping of those backlog of tickets, bought a cube with it) or doing those 'Earn free NX' through Nexon's site offers, which the only ones I did were watching videos. Other than those, I haven't really done anything out of the ordinary.

    From reading around Basil and Nexon's forums, we're not the only ones that seemed to got hit as there a lot of threads about it on both forums. All these recent billingPP bans happened today for some odd reason. Something must've glitched. Apparently,
    I guess the only thing to do is e-mailing from the address the account is attached to, like it says to. You can't even log in through the website to write a ticket about it.

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    Oh dang :( good to know my friend isn't the only one with this problem. I was helping her character level today and after I logged out I couldn't get back on her account. I decided to check the site and it said "Account Blocked. Contact Billingpp@Nexon". There was no ban popup on the client when I tried logging in, it just wouldn't go through..

    She checked her bank and Paypal logs, but there was no backcharge or refund or such. =/

    EDIT: If you guys don't mind me asking, have you guys charged any Prepaid Cards recently? (Nexon Card/Karma Koins/UGC or such)

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    Default Re: About BillingPP Bans

    there's several with this problem, i'd advice posting in nexon forums.

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    Oh wow. I didn't expect others to get this today. I still want to know how to approach this ban though. Knowing Nexon, they won't even acknowledge this as a glitch. It's also Friday so... ugh.

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    Default Re: About BillingPP Bans

    A guildie had same thing happen to her tonight after 2x ended. We were training together at Drill Hall 2 she went to log in another character then WHAM. She doesn't use Paypal and only redeems NX CODES. She isn't a duper nor does she use 3rd party programs. So it seems a glitch in the system.

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    I have not charged or bought any NX recently via prepaid cards.
    I also never (and never will) use a credit card for buying NX.
    I don't do exploits or have done anything that would result in negative NX.
    Only things I did were watch a few videos on Nexon's site with their earn free NX thing every now and then for a while now, but that's nothing out of ordinary or illegal.

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    If a prepaid card could remotely cause a billingpp ban, I'm flipping some tables. I doubt my friend has. He mostly uses mesos to get his NX.

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    Hmm.. I wonder if it has to do with obtaining any type of NX(whether it's prepaid, Paypal, or Surveys) on an account recently? Unless, someone got banned for this reason and hasn't added NX in any way for the past two weeks at least...

    edit: Looks like threads finally started popping up on Nexon Forums, hoping they acknowledge this

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    yea now I"m banned too ;s, same thing as all the above. Wonder if its related to hotspot shield or something.

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    Default Re: About BillingPP Bans

    Buying NX with meso is also cause for a billingpp ban.

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    It can be cause, but I don't buy NX with mesos either.
    Something really seems to have glitched up on a lot of people and I honestly don't have a clue what triggered it. I guess from this point without any response or anything so far, we can only speculate that it can be from anything that caused it.

    But one thing we'd know is that credit card and PayPal issues doesn't seem to be one of those reasons.

    I don't use a credit card nor do I have a PayPal account. Though, I did earn a bit NX credit from watching videos as listed in Nexon's earn NX/offer page. Those videos don't require anything else to get NX. That's about all I did. I also only do that every now and then. There's nothing illegal or fraud involved as I did not bother doing things like surveys and filling them out with fake info. Did you guys do any 'earn Free NX offer' through Nexon's page?

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    Default Re: About BillingPP Bans

    Happened to a friend of mine randomly today =/ really hope its fixed soon

    FREE PAM@@@

  14. Default Re: About BillingPP Bans

    I don't think the surveys are related. My main account is banned from seeing any offers since last year and that's all that's happened. If those cause billingpp's, I would've gotten one by now.

  15. Default Re: About BillingPP Bans

    No it isn't.
    Since when would that be the case? You would get banned in game for illegal charging for maybe a week or a month.

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    3 of my guildies all got BillingPP'd.

    Looking at other forums, it seems that there are a huge amount of players getting BillingPP'd (and just the other day, huge amount of players getting hell banned). It seems that it happened within the last 9 hours of this post... did something happen then?


    Why must the masses experience the hell and tears that I had to go through...

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    I got banned too after the 2nd last maintenance, the same way. Had to wait 1 day for a reply and 1 day to get unbanned (obviously not happy because I lost a lot of mesos with 2 days of inactivity). They said it's due to "unauthorised access" but I bet that is a bug or an excuse given so many people got it too.

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    Yes they are, quite a while back I got the ban for abusing the surveys and before that I had the PayPal ban which was the same thing for me. Could be a conisidence but when I try to log in it just says " to many attempts" now even if it was the first attempt, they have changed it over time ( more than once ) and I still try to log into one of them from 2008.

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    Default Re: About BillingPP Bans

    I got it too. I found threads on Maple forums and Hime only said "email them".

    Apparently it takes 2 - 5 business days for them to reply, some guy got compensated 50k MP because it too so long.

    @xiiliea: Wow, "unauthorized access"? Sounds like a lame excuse.

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    Default Re: About BillingPP Bans

    Yeah, usually they respond pretty quickly to emails.
    However, when so many people get banned at once, I expect very slow responses.
    Unless, of course, Nexon realizes there's a glitch, and just unbans everyone caught by it at once.



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