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  1. Default 10 min ban for logging off?


    Tried logging back in after logging out as I normally do and got that message.

    I don't have anything running in the background other than my usual programs & processes: Chrome, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, and Maple.

    EDIT: Well I guess it's not just me, friend showed me this thread on Basil with the same issue..

  2. Default Re: 10 min ban for logging off?

    Same. Misread it for a daylong at first and waxed mightily wroth.

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    Default Re: 10 min ban for logging off?

    People are discussing it over here:

  4. Default Re: 10 min ban for logging off?

    I just had the same issue myself, you're not alone. Last thing I did was PvP followed by HT run + wait 30mins for timer and then ran into FM to try and setup shop and volia instant dc followed by blocker.



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