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  1. Default Class specific rings

    The new ones that became available this patch. Are they only available on one character per account? I accepted the quest on my IL AM on the first day and just logged into my Evan which is supposed to have a ring quest too but... there's nothing.

  2. Default Re: Class specific rings

    Why would Evans get the quest? I thought the events this time round were all about adventurers and the limited-creation classes.

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    The patch notes clearly state Arans and Evans (in a single group) get a ring and a wand / pole arm if they're over level 100 and it's in the same context as the Warrior, Magician, Bowman and Mercedes/DS events.

  4. Default Re: Class specific rings

    Hm, I stand corrected. Looking at the event notes, though, it doesn't actually say that the weapons are received after lv100 -- it says they're received after completing the ring quest.

    Hrmrmrm I do have a baby Evan. Let's see. Nope, nothing in the event notifier about a ring. Glitch?

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    Default Re: Class specific rings

    My current Evan didn't go the quest, (don't mind got the old ring), however a new one I made did got it. Might be that only new ones get it.

  6. Default Re: Class specific rings

    All my mages got ring quests. My Evan and Aran did not. No biggy anyway since they don't stack with explorer rings or Lillin rings.

  7. Default Re: Class specific rings

    Pretty sure pre-made Aran/Evans did not get the weapons.

    *edit* it says newly created here.

  8. Default Re: Class specific rings

    That is correct. I made an Aran and I can confirm that I received the event quest Heroic Ring at level 10 and received the ring at level 50. At level 50 I am given another quest to get to level 75 for the polearm.

    Stacks with the Legendary Ring. =)

    I got a feeling they will class restrict everything except Adventures and Resistance (during the next revamp, geared towards Resistance)

  9. Default Re: Class specific rings

    I guess I can afford to be picky but that's the one I'd replace with the Buff Bro ring anyway, since I have 3 evo rings.

    The Legendary Gratias Ring (which does have crit) doesn't stack.

  10. Default Re: Class specific rings

    Oh not that one. I mean the Legends* Ring. Literally. The one given out to Legendary characters during the Legends event. As opposed to the Legendary Gratias Ring which was given out to practically any class that got to level 75.



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