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  1. Default Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    Philosophical problems of PvP...

    Gameplay problems of PvP

    So all in all... not touching this thing with a stick until they do something. I'm hoping Nexon realizes that players went in with reasonable expectations and are now frustrated to the point where no one is even touching PvP anymore. Hope they fix this broken game...

    So... how was your first day of PvP? ;/
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  2. Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    I just didn't bother going in because I had heard nothing but bad about it in the first place and the delay was enough to kill it for me the last time GMS had PvP, even when people weren't killing each other instantly. Especially with monsters dropping gallant emblems for the time being I didn't see the point.

  3. Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    And I can't help but think how KMS manages to be okay with this PvP...I wouldn't touch this with a 10ft Pole.
    ...Either way I can't even try it because my MS broke into bajillions of pieces and then chiz happened.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    A Demon Slayer was in a PvP room with me, a Corsair, a Phantom close to my level, a Mechanic and two Night Lords. He was practically unkillable. Phantom is also pretty annoying since they can push you back, use a skill to make them unhittable, and then murder you while you can't escape.

  5. Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    After I was told by my Evan friend that he was OHKOing nearly everyone in PvP, I instantly lost all interest in it. I didn't think the revamp was going to be THIS BAD.

    From the reading, it seems like the "Tier List" in KMS was more or less spot on.

    The ONLY thing I have to ask is, was Dark Meta actually fixed for PvP?

  6. Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    @Dark Link; What is this tier list you speak of?

    And Dark Meta works now... and it's not something you want to stand in.

    DS are extremely squishy but they have guards and their reflect has a chance to reflect the entire hit back which leads to a bunch of occasions with a DS opponent where a single Blast from me would kill both of us.

  7. Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    From what I read, pretty much Bishops / Phantoms / Paladins / Battle Mages were "God Tier", while DS, Mages, etc were "High Tier" and everyone else "Mid" / "Low Tier".

    Although I never heard of the "Summons = Uber damage".

  8. Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    I'm curious about the list too. Okay okay

    Off topic, I don't really care because Luminous in three months and it gets removed again anyway (I think), so que sera sera.

  9. Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    I'll try it out for myself tomorrow, but how is the AFK Emblem rate?

  10. Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    Yep, sounds about right from my experiences. Further supports my points too...

    Bishops have the capability of staying alive indefinitely provided no one is teaming up on you. Their (imo, incredible over powered) full Heal combined with their Holy Shell, Invincible, and super broken Magic Guard makes them completely unkillable unless you're funded out the butt... but even then, you'll never be able to stand up to them directly without dying several times. In a room with unfunded players... it's such a depressing sight... Too many unfunded Bishops are making it into the higher levels simply because of their endurance. Another depressing sight to see is watching your attacks instantly slaughter all the poor thieves, pirates, and archers around while this Bishop can tank a dozen of those (technically, they can tank indefinitely). The problem I have with this class is that they can actually soak up damage while guarding/avoiding while other classes can only guard/avoid (no class other than mages can actually do the taking hits part).

    Phantoms are super squishy but when they're fully buffed, hitting them is pretty much rolling a dice. There's nothing really intuitive to hitting Phantoms since all it is is a huge gamble. Cannoneers of old had this horrible mechanic with their 35% counter rate (spoken as a veteran PvP Cannoneer) but Phantoms take the "gamble on successful hit" mechanic to another level. In my experiences, whenever I see Phantoms, I would never know the outcome of the fight. Most of the time I would be at 1%HP and I would instantly down a healthy Phantom by getting a lucky hit off. <I see a Phantom pass by? Give them a poke and ? oh, missed, oh well. Another passes by? Give them a poke and ? oh, he died, cool.> Other times, I could be repeatedly attacking a 1%HP Phantom for maybe half a minute and they suddenly just turn around and instantly kill me with Fusillade or Mille. The reality is that they get downed just as fast as other classes but everyone is given a handicap by flipping a coin whenever they attack them. This handicap probably contributes the most success to Phantom than any other factor... without it, they would be Dark Sightless DBs unless they steal Dark Sight.

    Same thing with Paladins, they are are super squishy (squishier than DrKs but around the same as Heroes) but Divine Shield is so unbelievably good. When it procs (60%), you get a 12 hit cushion which is plenty to be able to survive nearly any class that isn't a Bishop, Phantom, Battle Mage, or another Paladin. The thing about all those hits is that it rolls over to the next cooldown (I believe is 30 seconds) which means if you can keep it to 12 hits per cool down, you're effectively invincible. Their self heal is nothing compared to Bishops (never was, never will) but it does provide a bit of longevity, especially if you're able to keep Divine Shield up the entire time. However, without Divine Shield, Paladins are just Heroes and will die just as fast. When I play my Paladin, the most dangerous/vulnerable time is after buffs and before I fight: if Divine Shield fails to proc at all, I'll just die. This makes you extremely vulnerable to one-shots... just shows you how squishy every class is and how good defensive skills are. And you know what's sad? Heroes are basically Paladins without Divine Shield :(

    Battle Mages are pretty gimmicky because they have like... a AoE slow effect around them, (I think) 40% passive avoid, 10 second invincibility from BBBA, invincibility from Party Shield, and invincibility from Tornado. In old PvP it was somewhat manageable... but in new PvP, their cooldowns are so close together that they can be in an almost-perpetual state of invincibility and any small window you find will get eaten up by their great avoid. But, because they don't have Magic Guard, if you manage to hit them once, they'll probably die.

    DS because they can block hits and that reflect... Generally very squishy so they definitely can't take a hit. DF management is such an awful thing to work with especially since all the classes that use to have some debilitating cooldowns are now instant with only MP as a factor.

    Mages+Evans are nothing unique other than they can actually take hits. There's really nothing separating them from archers, pirates, and thieves other than they can actually take hits and not die instantly.


    Anyway... I just wanted to gush my feelings of PvP... I'm going to bed now...

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    From what I understand, the "tiers" are not automatic and based on class.
    Rather, the more you win, the higher you go. At first, the game throws everyone into one arena, and of course you see some people dying continuously and some 1-hitting everything. But as more days pass and the game learns everyone's abilities, it'll sort itself out, and you will find yourself in a room with people who are more-or-less even with you, regardless of class, funding, lag, character control, and whatever else affects success at PvP.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    How fast did the emblem bar charge for you guys?

  13. Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    At least emblems still drop from monsters(yes I found one yesterday so did several people in my alliance) so you don't even have to go near it. As a warrior I was getting 1 hit ko'ed by basically everyone in the room.

    @SaptaZapta; I don't think it works that way it brings you up to the higher tier then keeps you there I ended up being like 24-60 something yet it didn't move me down to a lower level but the second I got 10 kills in the lower tier it brought me up to the highest possible tier.

  14. Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    I tried PvP. It was ok, but on my lv153 Bucc i kept getting placed with lv19x. They should make better level brackets (like every 20 levels). Also, when i went on my lv190 Evan, there was some godly Phantom. He killed everyone in less than 5 seconds with Ultimate drive. It was very annoying because there was nothing you can do. Also, there is no safe platform to buff on when your respawn, which makes classes with many buffs lose out. Overall i liked the previous pvp.

  15. Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    I played PvP for about 2 hours.

    Here were the things I found to be a little unfair.

    Shads: They can use smokescreen, die, and the cooldown resets, so... You can see where this is going. Plus, when you die, your smokescreen stays, so you can still benefit from it after you die, and after that smokescreen runs out, re-use it again. Their dark sight can also be a "tad" annoying.

    Demonslayers: A lot of their moves will one-hit KO you, and if you manage to one hit KO them, their reflect will send that one hit KO straight back to you. Not much more I can say because I haven't really faced that many.

    Bishes/Evans/Every other mage with Magic guard: Their magic guard is well, a bit overpowered. If a bish knows what they are doing, they can pretty much live forever. Tank a lot of hits, heal back to full when they are low.

    Battle Mages: BaMs have the same problem as shads. Their cooldown resets when they die, and when you combine that with three invincibility moves, A lot of BaMs tend to use those three moves, and once they are all gone, they suicide. At least they don't have Magic guard.

    Phantom: They have it all. They can steal Magic guard, heal themselves, Can steal moves that does a huge amount of damage. Carte noire also has a weird effect. If they are attacking someone, and the person dies, All the cards fly to the closest person on screen, even if they are far away. Most of the time it can be deadly.

  16. Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    Dark meta is incredibly powerful and 90% of the time, the DS and I would kill each other, or I would kill him but be left with a sliver of HP and die at the drop of a needle. I didn't have any trouble with bishops, because Mille is just stupidly strong, but I might change my mind if I go up against a highly funded bishop. Smokescreen is still incredibly powerful. Rapid Fire is mostly useless because of the lag and the small range. Final Cut is stupid.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    Granted, bishops are still OP in pvp, however, get us near a BAM and we are done for. I can't play with magic guard at all, due to bams being able to drain my mana completely.
    This is bullpomegranate ._. Funded phantoms also 1HKO me. But very much so agreed that this new PvP sucks badly. Balanced my ass, Nexon

  18. Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    This tempts me to go make an account in scania to troll the hell out of you.

    "FirePhoenix21" LOL

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    I dare you. I'll still find a way to kick your ass

  20. Default Re: Thoughts on the new PvP Grand Battle

    I could name a number of ways, just none appropriate

    Edit: oh thought of one

    You: let me scalp your character and use it as a representation to all bm characters, and I'll watch one piece



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