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  1. Default Homecoming Farming

    So, with this new event, comes new coins, and new reasons to farm them.

    Problem is, I'm not too sure about what I should farm with these coins. What do you guys suggest? I was thinking the Chaos scrolls but I wasn't sure.


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    Default Re: Homecoming Farming

    Top, bottom, shoes.
    Scrolls for attack/m. atk for armor.
    Scroll to your heart's delight.

    On another note, how do we farm these coins? It seems there's a two times a day limit on the 7 minute quest (or something; the quest isn't popping up anymore).

    Edit: Never mind, it just popped up again after 10 minutes.

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    Default Re: Homecoming Farming

    I like the accessory scrolls and the clean slates. The rest only work on untradable things so I'm reluctant to get them.

  4. Default Re: Homecoming Farming

    I would have liked that some of these scrolls be tradeable :c then I could sell them. Oh well. I think I'll just collect clean slates en masse. Is there a limit to clean slates you can use on an item?

  5. Default Re: Homecoming Farming

    No there isn't.

  6. Default Re: Homecoming Farming

    Personally, I'm set on getting a high M.Att Top to replace my Android Vest and then if there's time left I'll go for a high M.Att Bottom to replace my Stirgeman Pants.
    I don't think I'll be able to make a Bottom within the event period though unless they come out with a better way to farm coins, because 1 every 10-12 minutes and 1 every 30 minutes is too slow.

  7. Default Re: Homecoming Farming

    Can't you get that 60 coins one once a day? Or can you only get that once?

  8. Default Re: Homecoming Farming

    Clean slates it is.

  9. Default Re: Homecoming Farming

    Pretty sure it's just a one time thing.

  10. Default Re: Homecoming Farming

    Are you not doing that sports drink quest? 4 coins every 30 minutes and you don't even have to do anything.

  11. Default Re: Homecoming Farming

    I don't even know lol. I've just been focusing on bossing today to try out the revamp. I'll figure it all out within the next couple days.

  12. Default Re: Homecoming Farming

    You can try that Gourd Competition thing on the :05's and the :35's, it's 4 coins for a win. 2 or something for a loss.

  13. Default Re: Homecoming Farming

    You receive invites every 5 and 35 minutes past the hour to go to an event map. Once there, you and everyone else on the map will have to kill a Gourd-themed boss, which should take no longer than a few seconds. After this, headmaster Ferdi will give you four Homecoming Coins. The process is similar to the Pink Zakum event and the old system of battling Ani,

  14. Default Re: Homecoming Farming

    Oh, is that what that is? I kept thinking it was the spiegalman thing. Thanks!

  15. Default Re: Homecoming Farming

    1. Create new character
    2. +61 coins from event
    3. +4 coins from gourd quest
    4. Trade in for a Clean Slate + 2 weapon scrolls
    5. Level to 13 and borrow 100k from your main for Legendary Spirit
    6. Use/store scrolls
    7. Repeat

    I've been using Phantoms for this but I dunno if they're the fastest.

  16. Default Re: Homecoming Farming

    LOLOLOL this is so good.

  17. Default Re: Homecoming Farming

    Sounds like I've been missing out on one incredible event. I hope they don't nerf it before I get some time this weekend to finish scrolling that sword I've been having so much trouble with. Are the new coin items just on Connor? And are the renegade coins useless now?

  18. Default Re: Homecoming Farming

    Why would you need LS? The Clean Slates are account-tradeable; are the weapon scrolls not?



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