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    Default Chronicle 2/3 parties.

    So you guys already noticed I haven't been nearly as active as before. Blame late night classes exhausting the hell out of me.

    I made this thread to see if anyone is setting up a Chron 3 group (not interested in Chron 2) and if so, they can post about it here. I'm willing to join any, as I'm only looking for two pieces (specifically ring and belt) on my battle mage. That means that any other battle mages looking for pieces won't have to worry about conflicts (@Jormungandr ).

    Times would be great to know too, at least an estimate. I'm usually not around all day from Monday through Wednesday. Saturday and Sunday afternoons are also a no-go for me. I should be fine any other day, unless I get swamped with schoolwork.

    For anyone else willing to run Chronicle 2/3, feel free to list your available times or post whenever you're starting one up.

  2. Default Re: Chronicle 2/3 parties.

    I have less than 450 exo. Don't need to even worry about me lol.

  3. Water

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    Default Re: Chronicle 2/3 parties.

    Fridays in the evenings are fine for me. anytime before 4 pm cst or after 6 pm cst on weekends is also fine for me.

  4. Default Re: Chronicle 2/3 parties.

    I'm up for whatever on weekends. Weekdays are a no go for a whole menagerie of reasons.



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