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    turn to ice.. " she whispered.

    Cheriipop turned to the huge stone column on her way outside of the Temple of Time. She traced the soft delicate stone work with her eyes. She moved towards it slowly, her hand shaking uncontrollably at her side. She admired the golden gleam of the detailed leaves. She reached out an unsteady hand and felt the masonry of the column's base. Icicles began spreading from the tips of her fingers and began creeping around the column, like long fingers strangling the stone with its freezing touch. Cheriipop stepped back abruptly. The ice still clung, its icy sheen revealing her reflection, and ghostly white air falling from the cold ice.

    Time Spent: 1hr
    Materials: Sketch paper & Pencil
    Blegh, sorry for instagram-fying it. It was the only way I could brighten it up.
    Critiques are welcomed/appreciated.

    I know my weaknesses are hands, clothes, face... f'uck might as well be everything lol.

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    I still think you did a great job. I actually really like where the clothing design is going. Sketching is something I have a hard time with, so I'm always impressed when people do it.

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    The concept is pretty interesting. :O
    I'm not quite sure if this is the case, but I hope this tip helps. When drawing poses, always work on clothes after you've done the basic proportions and the body itself, helps a lot to build the character and preserve it's structure. Also, hands are one of the worst things to get used to drawing, you can also try to study your own as reference. Take a crapload of pictures and try to observe how your body works, how every single thing goes together to form your hands. Try to practice all those elements separately, and you'll master the whole thing much easier. :>

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    Thanks Aslemn :3 I really am grateful to get advice from you :3



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