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    To my understanding, shielding wards work differently, in the sense that it has to be applied to the item instead of merely sitting there to protect your item like white scrolls or Pam's Song.

    My dilemma is this: I want to use a 50% armor atk scroll I got from some event on my shoes, but I dont want to blow it up. The problem is the scroll is untradable and I'm out of nx on my bowmaster, so I'm wondering about using nx from another account to get the ward.

    1. After using the ward, will that for any reason make my item untradeable?
    2. If the item remains tradeable, would the ward's affect be lost in the transaction?

    Common sense dictates that both answers should be no, but it IS nexon we're talking about here, and the mechanics of the game don't always make sense, so I just want to make sure. I did a quick search, and while there were a lot of shielding ward questions with answers, I didn't seem to be able to find what I was looking for. If it's out there, then please direct me to the appropriate post. Thanks!

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    It applies to the item, so no and no.

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    seconding what takebacker said from experience.



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