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  1. Default Ultimate Explorers

    1. They still have less inventory space, right?

    2. Now that they got that HP/MP compensation thing for being Ultimate Explorers, which Ultimate Explorers have considerably more or considerably less HP than their non-ultimate counterparts?

  2. Default Re: Ultimate Explorers

    1. I believe they fixed the inventory issue on new UAs, but old UA's got shafted on that front.

    2. I believe the HP/MP is the same as what it would be for a non-UA.

  3. Default Re: Ultimate Explorers

    Some classes should come out ahead at least in theory because it's a flat bonus assigned to you based on your class tree. Gunslingers should get more HP because the pirate bonus gives a relatively large HP bonus, probably because of brawlers having more HP than most other classes.

  4. Default Re: Ultimate Explorers

    They still get less inventory i thought The hp/mp skill just brings them on par.

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    Default Re: Ultimate Explorers

    More HP for being a UA?! What?!?! Really??

  6. Default Re: Ultimate Explorers

    I'm just guessing, but if there's a class that benefited I assume it'd be a gunslinger. Pirates and Warriors get the same HP compensation for being UAs and a gunslinger should have considerably less HP than a warrior at level 50. I really don't know, though.



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