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  1. Basic0 Help on updating my UA guide

    So i made a guide on Basil ( to help people choose which UA to make. Unfortunatly it has become a bit out dated. I have been looking for the updated cygnus skills (post champion update in GMS). If anyone has the skill info could you please send me a PM/link or post them here? Also, if you have any pros/cons, tips, tricks, or any advice please feel free to leave them in the comments and i will try to add you to the guild (with credits ofc). Any help is apreciated. Also, if you think there are any section i could add or change pelase let me knwo; all feedback is welcomed. Thanks

    (I apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes )

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    For now, might I suggest a Table of Contents and possibly YouTube videos of UA skills in action? It's a nice guide so far

    Edit: I mostly looked at the Vampire section. You could possibly list where this is useful like Empress and Von Leon. An overlooked boss is Pink Bean's DR statue (left hawk) - Either I did something wrong on my shad but Bstep couldn't reach the statue and jump casting Vampire helps kill it without activating DR. It's also useful for pushing back monsters and for Shads it's one possible way to generate coins for ME.

    Do UA's skill %'s differ from people who did the Empress Might quest? If not, those numbers for Vampire definitely aren't what's in my DB's skill window.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, i will try to find and add videos.I will also expand the use of moves. And the skill info is wrong, i cant find any updated info though

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    Mihile's Soul Driver

    Damage: 100% x4, 120% x4, 140% x4, 160% x4, 180%, x4
    Mob count: 4, 4, 5, 5, 6
    MP Cost: ?, ?, ?, ?, 25



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