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  1. Default angered but inspired

    felt horrible and sad today, if it were not for alexander mcqueen's gothic romanticism i don't know what i would do

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    Default Re: angered but inspired

    Dem HEELS. @__@ <3

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    Default Re: angered but inspired


  4. Default Re: angered but inspired

    Since I lack knowledge on the subject, I'll just say that this looks really cool and I would own an art book with these in it.

  5. Default Re: angered but inspired

    Cool, now I can have height and something to chop pineapples with.

  6. Default Re: angered but inspired

    You should get heels with a blender in them so you can blend all these pineapples and pomegranates into delicious fruit beverages.

    On the go Jamba Juice.

  7. Default Re: angered but inspired

    thanks guys! i definitely feel better now lol!

    I knew bayonetta would be mentioned, almost every thing i draw is similar to bayonetta! It's going to follow me forever where ever I go haha.

    It was completely inspired by:
    Alexander McQueen Nihilism spring/summer 1994 and one of my favourite character designs Legretta the quick (Tales of the Abyss)

  8. Default Re: angered but inspired

    None the less you have good taste! I hope that didn't knock you down a peg, obviously the stilletto weapon thing is older than bayonetta concept :P

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    Default Re: angered but inspired

    It reminded me more of Catwoman's serrated heels from The Dark Knight Rises. If only cause I've seen that more recently.

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    Default Re: angered but inspired

    bunch'o peeps haven't seen witchblade here. which was the first thing i thought of, since they pretty much use the same concept.


    needless to say i love them.

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    Default Re: angered but inspired

    Sexy shoes.

  12. Default Re: angered but inspired

    Looks like the android Dorothy from Big O to me.



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