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  1. Default Clean slate scrolls

    Are there any limitations on them? Can they be used on items that have been equip enhanced? Could I fail multiple scroll slots now and still recover all of them months later with clean slate scrolls I don't yet own?

  2. Default Re: Clean slate scrolls

    Cant be used on cash items, even the perma pet rings iirc. Some (the most common ones) can boom your item.

    If the item had a scroll fail on it, yes. Remember enhances can only be used when an item has 0 slots available.

    If there's another even in the future for them, yes.
    Would I advise it since there's no guarantee you an farm them? No.

  3. Default Re: Clean slate scrolls

    Yeah, I remember reading you couldn't use them on pet equips, but that's not my issue.

    The item I'm most concerned with is 7/8 with one slot failed, meaning it's fully scrolled if I don't clean slate it so I could potentially equip enhance it now. I don't think there's any reason to rush it, though.

    I'm already kinda sunk there since it's 7/8 and I ran out of clean slates and tomorrow's my last chance to get any for the foreseeable future. Bearing that in mind I'm stuck between splurging on shielding scrolls and viscous hammers if I can recover the slot with the two clean slates I can get tomorrow or just forgetting about it until Tempest and saving myself a considerable amount of money by using clean slates and golden hammers instead.

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    Default Re: Clean slate scrolls

    I have used (new) clean slates on items scrolled and enhanced pre-bb. Not a problem.



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