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  1. Default Some of the better class and items?

    Just like the title says, what are some of the better classes and items. I like to go more long range p. attack.

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    I don't know too much about LoL specifically (I mostly play Dota), but it isn't an RPG. You pick a guy that has strengths and weaknesses suited to your team composition and the enemy lineup, and your item build will follow from that.

    List of champions here:, sort by type to get ranged dps

    Read a guide for a specific champion to see what to build.

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    Default Re: Some of the better class and items?

    I'm fairly certain he posted in the wrong forum.

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    Long range physical attack certainly describes ADCs.

    Certain roles work better at different elo (difficulty) levels, and items have different purposes for different situations, champions, etc. If you're just starting out, I'd say pick up Caitlyn or Ashe, and buy a Bloodthirster after you get your Berzerker Greaves.

    Ultimately however, the game is made so that at a really skilled level, champions all have their uses and aren't significantly stronger than each other in their own roles. However, due to the tools and methods that they accomplish their means and ends, certain champions have certain counters, and certain champions are very good at certain things, etc.



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