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  1. Default Neo city question

    Does the quest supposed to be repeatable? because i can do them every time i finish them (Not talking about andy's quests)

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    Default Re: Neo city question

    Yes, those extra quests are intended to be repeatable.

    They're completely optional and have nothing to do with the main quests; they're only there for extra exp. Think of them as a bonus, if you're training in those maps.

  3. Default Re: Neo city question

    It amounts to very significant amounts if you keep repeating the easy ones actually (500k for killing 50 monsters and/or a boss), but after some testing I find that it's as good as abusing the system, so I stopped.

    If you have multple bonus EXP sources e.g. 2X, 1.3X, 1.5X cards, then don't bother. Grinding gives way more EXP.




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