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  1. Default SAF insensitive towards deceased NSF's family

    >Asthmatic national serviceman
    >Probably a good idea to put him in a confined area with smoke bombs


  2. Default Re: SAF insensitive towards deceased NSF's family

    From a common-sense point of view, yes it sounds really . From a 3rd-party point of view, it's on the slightly unusual side because no one has died due to direct participation in the exercise as far as we know till now... but it seems to demonstrate to me that there was insufficient care taken during trainings (given what I know now, it could also be that guy ghey kiang i.e. the soldier himself pushed himself too hard/overconfident).

    1. Kinda agree, though it's not exactly bad now; but any more thorough and... well... it's already taking a pretty large amount of manpower now ya know.
    2. Fair. Every NSF's death in combat training always results in re-evaluation of every exercise.
    3. Medical centre part... not exactly necessary... they're not all that bad. Medical staff... no for equipment because there's a limit to how much the combat medics can carry! But yes for training - I've had my own blood injected into myself when I was having my blood drawn for a final medical evaluation at the end of my army training =.= But then again, there's a limit to how much real experience one can get in training - mock-up situations don't do real situations enough justice at all... (let's not argue till the sun sets/rises)
    4. While it is a valid concern, it's not relevant in this situation. Nonetheless, having more stringent monitoring of staff and trainees would have helped prevent those mistakes in these situations.
    5. Erm... que?

    Emotionally perfectly understandable. Are what they have said really going to be helpful... I reserve judgement. Was there insensitivity demonstrated - yes... could be human error though...




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